TRON Meets the Legend of Zelda

Logically, from a TRON mythos point of view, I am not sure that what is going on here makes total sense. Of course, I am not familiar with the plot of the NES version of TRON that this images would have come from. Is this prequel? A sequel? Is their a deeper relationship between MCP and TRON that we are not aware of?? I want to know! Sadly that will not happen, unless some gives artist BazNet the funding to make this into a game (something he does not seem to be doing). While we won’t ever see a 2D adventure game set in the TRON Universe any time soon. You can show your support by picking up this image on a t-shirt.

Secret Quest - Atari 2600 - Atari Age

Atari 2600: Secret Quest (1989)

In 1989 I was busy concentrating on defeating the likes of Cobra Triangle, Shadowgate, and Romance of the Three Kingdom on my NES. I admit that while I had not banished my beloved Atari 2600 console and titles to the closet, I had moved them to the back of the gaming shelf under the TV. Had I known about Secret Quest for the Atari 2600 however I truly believe it would have been brought back out and sat beside the NES!

Secret Quest holds the distinction of being the last 2600 title released in the U.S. and was touted as being programmed by none other than Atari Co-founder Nolan Bushnell!

[Via] Atari Age

The problem with that statement…was that he didn’t program it. Steve DeFrisco had that honor with Nolan as Producer and Designer. In this case Nolan asked Steve to come up with a title similar to the Legend of Zelda for the 2600. To do this the cartridge used a SARA superchip allowing it to have 256 extra bytes of RAM, so that Secret Quest was a 16K title. It also had a pass-code feature!

Check out this awesome video and Review from the Classic Game Room YouTube Channel.

I’m adding this cartridge to my Holy Grail list of Atari 2600 games.


Prancing Woman Plays Legend of Zelda Medley in the Woods

When Vic Sage sent this video to me, I was hypnotized for three reasons. Reason the first, the scenery is draw dropping. Reason two, the Zelda Medley turned out wonderfully. So wonderful that I picked up the download of the song. Reason three…the prancing. The hypnotic and unceasing prancing. Watching the video one might even say that it is primarily a video about prancing set to great music with an interesting backdrop. It is a prance that is fun to watch and terribly distracting at the same time. Now I can see why so many areas of the country had those “anti-prancing” laws on the book well into the 1990s. They where so distracted by their youth hopping about in time in knee deep snow that could never get anything done.

While Lindsey Stirling (Link) is worth following just for her violin virtuosity, she should also be a target for adoration to connoisseurs of “the prance”.

Dirk - Dragon's Lair Fans -Betmark

When Dirk The Daring Met Link And That Other Link.

With my love of Dragon’s Lair and the announcement of the 1980s Hanna-Barbera animated series being offered by the Warner Archive…for just a moment I thought it would be awesome to go as my hero, Dirk the Daring, this year on Halloween. Then I remembered that I have no skills in making costumes but I figured if I would visit the Dragon’s Lair Fans site I could get some nice photos. Like this photo of “Betmark” dressed as Dirk…raising his sword in a salute with Link from The Legend of Zelda…and another Link from the Legend of Zelda. You just know the three of these guys could not only save Princess Daphne from the clutches of Singe the Dragon but also take on Gannon, rescue Zelda and defeat Gannon to restore peace to Hyrule!