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The Transformers Meets the Legend of Zelda

This was emailed to me after I posted TRON Meets the Legend of Zelda yesterday. In it, Ninjaink, takes the 8-bit Zelda concept and this time applies it the The Transformers. This one is also available as a t-shirt. Five … Continue reading

TRON Meets the Legend of Zelda

Logically, from a TRON mythos point of view, I am not sure that what is going on here makes total sense. Of course, I am not familiar with the plot of the NES version of TRON that this images would … Continue reading

Atari 2600: Secret Quest (1989)

In 1989 I was busy concentrating on defeating the likes of Cobra Triangle, Shadowgate, and Romance of the Three Kingdom on my NES. I admit that while I had not banished my beloved Atari 2600 console and titles to the … Continue reading

The Many “Pre-Hero” Jobs of the Legend of Zelda’s Link

So in the Legend of Zelda, a young boy/man named Link always rises to become the Hero. But what was he, what did he do before becoming a hero?

Why Exactly is Zelda Legendary?

It’s called the “Legend of Zelda” but just how “Legendary” is she? Here’s a quick rundown of Zelda’s various roles throughout the years:

Prancing Woman Plays Legend of Zelda Medley in the Woods

When Vic Sage sent this video to me, I was hypnotized for three reasons. Reason the first, the scenery is draw dropping. Reason two, the Zelda Medley turned out wonderfully. So wonderful that I picked up the download of the … Continue reading

When Dirk The Daring Met Link And That Other Link.

With my love of Dragon’s Lair and the announcement of the 1980s Hanna-Barbera animated series being offered by the Warner Archive…for just a moment I thought it would be awesome to go as my hero, Dirk the Daring, this year … Continue reading