Leonard Nimoy Co-Stars and Directs The Bangles’ “Going Down to Liverpool”


As you might know, I am a big fan of Leonard Nimoy and I am always on the lookout for a forgotten gem. A few weeks ago on Twitter, I was reminded of Nimoy’s involvement with The Bangles and his direction of the 1985 music video for Going Down to Liverpool. Not only does Nimoy direct the film, but he also co-stars in the video. Dig those eyebrow lifts. Its like they have Spock as their chauffeur.

Why You Should Love Leonard Simon Nimoy


I would like to take a little more web space to talk about my hero Leonard Nimoy. Every generation has its renaissance man. The people of the 15th century had Leonardo (awfully close to Leonard) Da Vinci, those in the 18th century had Ben Franklin and if you were born between 1940 and 1980 allow me to introduce you to yours…


Poet, photographer, actor, director, musician and ladies man, Leonard Simon Nimoy. Some might think it amusing to compare Nimoy to great men of past ages, but this is serious business. This multi-faceted man is in many ways superior to your Franklins and Davincis. Did Da Vinci amass an army of zealous followers (think of all those trek fans) within his lifetime? And sure Franklin was well liked, but he also had many detractors, but can you think of one person you know who dislikes Nimoy? He is the Renaissance Man: The Next Generation (yikes).

So lets take a moment to appreciate his poetry:

When love happens
Through a person or
A song or a poem

What joy
What excitement
To know that I
All of me,
My child and my adult
All of me,
Is touched again
With the flowing love
Of the best that is me
And my fellow man
That part of us . . .
That cares

His photography:


And of course his music: