1979 NBC Promo For Buck Rogers In The 25th Century

Gil Gerard - Buck Rogers
Today while perusing film sites on the internet it was brought to my attention that it was none other than Gil Gerard’s birthday, yep, Buck Rogers himself turned 70. So how about we celebrate his birthday with an original TV promo announcing the return of Larry ‘Buster’ Crabbe to sci-fi alongside Jack Palance…narrated by Casey Kasem?

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Let’s not forget this Public Service Announcement on Technology by Gil Gerard back in 1981.

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Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe – Part Three (1940)

In Part two of last week’s exciting Flash Gordon serial we left our brave heroes, Flash (Crabbe), Dale (Hughes), Zarkov (Shannon), Capt. Roka (Powell), and Prince Barin (Drew) climbing a treacherous mountain in Frigia…where to our horrified eyes we witnessed one Ming’s ships drop a bomb on the adventurers. The bomb did miss…but caused an avalanche and looks to have swept the climbers off the mountain to their deaths!

As always a huge thanks to Thrilling Wonder Stories for uploading this classic serial over on YouTube!

Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe – Part One (1940)

A big thanks to the awesome Thrilling Wonder Stories blog for uploading this classic Universal Pictures Serial that hit theatres on April 9th, 1940.

The beginning of this third and last of the Flash Gordon Universal Pictures serials starring Larry “Buster” Crabbe (Flash), Carol Hughes (Dale), Frank Shannon (Zarkov), and of course Charles B. Middleton (Ming) deals with a deadly plague that is affecting the Earth, random citizens of the world are falling to the ground dead. A purple spot appearing on their foreheads. Now if you lived in the Flash Gordon universe…you would obviously assume that Ming the Merciless is up to no good again, so Flash Gordon and Doctor Zarkov with Dale Arden by their side are sent to Mongo to investigate the cause and to see if there is by chance a cure!

Now you can imagine back in High-School when these serials were being widely released on VHS I didn’t have the time to watch them because of my busy social schedule…yeah, right. I watched these video tapes over and over and over again every weekend, generally just before Star Trek: The Next Generation and Friday the 13th: The Series. Just training I reckon to become a writer for this site, eh?

Kind of makes me wonder if we shouldn’t start a Serial Sunday?