Two Xbox 360 Laptops for Sale


Benjamin J Heckendorn has some good news for his fans. He will be making two new Xbox 360 laptops for purchase. The laptops are complete custom awesomeness and will run you $5,000 or a green 1999 Ford Escort station wagon 5 speed for trade (seriously). Think about how you will be the envy of everyone at your local Starbucks when they all open their Macbooks to do work and you open your 360 laptop and start watching HD movies through Netflix or playing Left 4 Dead.

Go and reserve your Laptop Today

Behold, The Commodore 64 Laptop!


A mere 27 years after the introduction of the Commodore 64, Benjamin J. Heckendorn fulfilled my 1982 geek daydreams of having a Commodore 64 laptop. The machine is built from original 64 hardware with a beautiful custom case that captures perfectly the design aesthetic of early 1980 computing.

What’s could be more impressive? How well it works. As you can see in this demo video.

More Video and Pics of the Commodore 64 laptop [at]