8 Bit Lit Presents: Interactive Super Mario Coin Block Pendant Lamp!

Okay. 8 Bit Lit’s Etsy Page has just jumped to the front of the line on my places to shop for my birthday. My house will not be complete without at least one of these lamps!

From their Etsy page: “This is a custom made touch sensitive lamp after the fashion of the Super Mario Brothers question mark blocks that appear throughout the series. It’s 6 inches by 6 inches by 6 inches, and made of laser-cut plexiglass and lit from inside by energy-efficient LEDs. The lamp is very light and suspended from an integrated 11-foot power cord, so it’s ready to be hung from a hook on your ceiling and plugged directly into an outlet. The internal power supply is 100v-240v compatible, so the lamp will work even abroad with just a simple plug adapter. If you want to use the lamp on a side table or by your bed, we offer a custom acrylic stand (sold separately).

To turn the lamp on and off, merely punch, ahem, I mean touch, the bottom of the cube and you’ll be rewarded with both light and the classic coin noise. Every eight times you toggle the light, you’ll get a 1-UP! It’s very bright in a dark room and still visible in daylight.”

sesame street muppet lamps

Sesame Street Lamps

I was browsing the Retroist Image Pool on Flickr this morning when this ad for Sesame Street Lamp posted by CheshireCat666 caught my attention. Now I know I did not have one of these lamps growing up, but that lampshade looks really familiar. I can only assume that either one of my childhood friends had this lamp or I stared at this ad a lot as a kid. I was a renowned ad starer, so I am going to guess it was the latter.

sesame street muppet lamps

snoopy lamp

Snoopy Ceramic Lamp

I am in the market for a new lamp for my office and have been searching for ideas on the web. It would need just the right lampshade (something with printed classic comics on it), but I really like this Snoopy Ceramic Lamp from Hake’s. I need to look at shades, plus if I commit to a Snoopy lamp it will really set the tone for the rest of the office and I will need to rethink how to deal with that. Hard to resist though, look at this smiling face.

snoopy lamp

Rotating Mobil Pixel Lamp

István Kulinyi’s has created this concept lamp that allows you to spin triangular pieces to change its appearance. This would naturally lead to all sorts of pixelated fun. Each lamp offers millions of possible design combinations, which could offer limitless possibilities. Kulinyi’s has what looks like a working prototype on his site, but their is no information about any mass production possibilities. Fingers crossed.

pixel lamp

Rotating Mobil Pixel Lamp [@] István Kulinyi Website