Image courtesy of Jim's Red Book.

Jim’s Red Book Presents: “Labyrinth Royal Premiere” (1986)

I’ve talked a bit before about the awesome website, Jim Henson’s Red Book. Jim Henson started his ‘Red Book’ in 1965, writing a single line entry in the journal until 1988. The site will publish an entry with the original date it was written and sometimes expands on the entry with video and photos from the Henson Archive. Every single time I visit the site it brings a smile to my face, especially when they reveal something like the Royal Premiere of Labyrinth back in 1986 where we can see Ludo and Jim Henson meeting and visiting with Prince Charles and the late Lady Diana.

[Photo and Video Via] The Henson Company

Jim Henson on Labyrinth

In the continuing celebration of sorts for what would have been Jim Henson’s 75th Birthday I found this awesome video posted over on YouTube from the “Conversations in the Arts and Humanities with John C. Tibbetts” series.
John C. Tibbetts is an Associate Professor in the Department of Theatre and Film at the University of Kansas, where he teaches courses in film history, media studies, and theory and aesthetics. He is an author, educator, broadcaster, as well as an artist and pianist. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Kansas in Multi-Disciplinary Studies (Art History, Theater, Photography and Film). As a broadcaster and journalist and scholar he has hosted his own television show in Kansas City, Missouri; worked as a news reporter/ commentator for CBS Television (KCTV) and National Public Radio; produced classical music programming for KXTR-FM radio; written (and illustrated) ten books, more than 200 articles, and several short stories.”

One of those interviews he did was with Jim Henson pertaining to the fantastical movie, Labyrinth, and puppeteering in general.