“Peter Weller Is Robocop” Featurette

I have talked once or twice about my love of Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop before on the site. Though I’ve told this story before it bears repeating. When my Father and I saw this during it’s original release back in 1987 it was playing here at our local Drive-In. No one was paying attention to the film and I mean people were laughing and yelling to one another and playing their radios as the movie began. That was until ED-209 opened up on poor Kinney and left him a twitching mess…then you could hear a pin drop and everyone immediately shut up and started paying attention to the film.

Well, thanks to the Robocop Archive YouTube Channel we have this nice featurette, a look back from the cast and crew of the film featuring Paul Verhoeven, Kurtwood Smith (Clarence Boddicker), and Miguel Ferrer (Bob Morton), as well as Peter Weller of course. Be warned there is a clip from the film with some Salty Language.