Beyond The Game Trailer

A huge thanks to Kotaku for the heads up on this documentary by Animatronic Ackbar entitled Beyond the Game. It looks to be mainly focused on the world of fighting games but if you look closely you’ll see more than a few of your old arcade game friends in the trailer!

There are just not enough game documentaries for my taste, so I’m highly looking forward to Beyond the Game’s release. Feel free to click the Ackbar’s link up top to be directed to the Facebook page for the documentary!

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Multiplayer Trailer

I will admit that I’m always pulled in by the Michael Bay Transformers films, I did enjoy the first one but I felt more than a little bit insulted by the second movie. Of course there are professional critics that will say and rightly so that Michael Bay doesn’t have to be a slave to the fanboys who grew up with the toys and cartoon and comics…but I’ve always felt he should at the very least make the main characters of a Transformers movie…be the Transformers, they should be actual characters not just impressive CGI props. Please don’t think I’m being a Michael Bay hater, that is not the case by any means.

The High Moon Studios title, Transformers: War For Cybertron, really summed up what a Transformers movie should be…assuming of course Michael Bay was given an unlimited budget to play with. High Moon Studios is now about to release an official movie tie-in with the upcoming third Transformers film and a bit of the Multiplayer gameplay has just been revealed in a trailer!

Thanks to Kotaku for the heads up and for uploading the video to YouTube.

We Come Together – Goldfish

I’m afraid I had not heard of Goldfish before watching this video, however since I can tell they have a more than passing fondness for 8-Bit characters and ideas…I believe I’ll have to hop over to Itunes and see how the rest of their album is.

Thanks to Goldfishlive for posting this charming video on their YouTube channel!

A big thanks to Kotaku for giving me the heads up on this video as well.