Billy Mitchell On Achieving First Perfect Game On Pac-Man

The other day on Facebook I was sent a link by the Retroist’s own Gary Burton to this short but interesting interview with Billy Mitchell from Great Big Story. Mitchell not only discusses what it felt like to be the first Player to obtain a perfect game (achieving 3,333,360 points) but also goes into a little detail of the difficulty of achieving such a feat and the acclaim that went with it.

Images courtesy of Great Big Story.

Images courtesy of Great Big Story.

The interview looks to me to have been filmed in one of the King of Kong arcades but I’m not sure about that nor why there is so much video of Mitchell playing Ms. Pac-Man while talking about the original Pac-Man game – however the champion certainly shows some means skills which only stands to reason and a pretty sweet trick during the interview.

[Via] Great Big Story

Steve Wiebe fails in his Attempt at the World Record of Donkey Kong

steve wiebe

Steve Wiebe, star of King of Kong, just failed on his record setting game attempt of Donkey Kong tonight. Everyone here at The Retroist (me) was pulling for him and hope he gets the record again someday.

His effort was broadcast live by G4TV and it was a nail-biter that brought me back to my old arcade days of watching people play games until the placed closed. So it wasn’t a complete loss for me.