Saturday Frights

Saturday Frights: King Diamond – The Family Ghost


Holy cats; I can’t believe my handlers o’er at Famous Monsters of Filmland let me out o’ my crypt for a day! And what better way to spend said day then to saunter on o’er to my auld stompin’ grounds; The Retroist Vault!

Hey Vic! Hey Big Poppa “P”! Hello? Now where in the e’er lovin’ hoary hells is e’eryone? Well, I guess I’ll just wander around until they show up…oh, man; the hot dog machine! Hello ol’ friend; I see you are still filled with as many toe-nail clippings as I remember. And there’s the nacho machine…awww, they left all of my hairs in place cloggin’ up the cheese tubes!

Well, since no one is here; I guess I have the run o’ the place! Maybe I should throw on some tunes…what’s this? “Projectionist’s Polka Party”?!! Out ya go my man! Ahh…this is better…think I’ll just leave this playin’ for when ol’ Vicious Vic and the P-man return…man, I wish I could see their faces!!!