Hammer Horror Remembered

I’ve been searching Amazon.com for books on Hammer Studios for quite some time. The books that have popped up in the past have always been tragically too pricey for me to pull the trigger on. And then, just last Saturday, this one showed up.
Hammer Horror Remembered is a self-published ebook (much like, oh, Anesthetized or The House of Thirteen Doors). The author, Alan Toner, lives in England and so is a little closer to the source of all the Hammer goodness than we colonials are. From that authoritative vantage point, Toner gives us a quick read that consists of mostly short chapters on various Hammer horror topics. Some chapters focus on actors, others on series, and other on individual films. My favorite was the chapter on Brides of Dracula, which I’ve always seen as special among the Hammer Dracula series because A) Dracula isn’t in it and B) I had a hard time finding it. Overall, the book does what books like this should do: it not only gives you some information and discussion on movies you love, but enables you to mentally experience those movies again. I highly recommend it to all Hammer horror fans (which I imagined is most of us). You can get it at Amazon.com and other online ebook vendors for a reasonable 99 cents.

Garbage Pail Kids Book

A fan of ANESthetized thinks I can do more with it, and as proof he sent me an article about the new Garbage Pail Kids book that was released April 1. I’m not sure about doing more with ANESthetized, but I was happy to learn about the book. All 206 of the Garbage Pail Kids in one place? And there’s even a Kindle version? I’ve got to have it.

You can pick up a copy at Amazon (though they were having issues at the time of this writing). And it looks like there are Wacky Packages< books, too!

Invading Spaces

Flack’s book Invading Spaces: A Beginner’s Guide To Collecting Arcade Games has just been released on Kindle for the price of $2.99. At least, I’ve just become aware that it’s been released on Kindle (it may have been released earlier and I missed it, but I don’t think so). I first came across this book after reading Commodork, but I didn’t see an e-version and so decided to wait. Now I don’t have to wait any longer and I didn’t. I grabbed it as soon as Facebook said it was up. If you would like to grab your copy, you can get a Kindle version from Amazon.com here or a pdf version from Flack himself here.

ANESthetized Review

So we have another amazing product by a member of the Retroist, a personal experience in prose, by none other than Doug McCoy! We have the digital book cover’s artist, Christopher Tupa to thank for the heads up on Doug’s publication of ANESthetized: My History with the Nintendo Entertainment System. This book is a wonderful read, and if you are visiting this site I bet you will smile at some of Doug’s personal views of the NES and some of its game titles. I chuckled quite a bit especially with the chapter on Castlevania, and agree completely on Konami’s Jackal!

It’s available for purchase from both Amazon.com for the Kindle as well as at Barnes & Noble for the Nook. The price for the book? $1.99 Even better news is that Doug is hard at work on a second volume detailing his experiences with trying to recollect the NES items of his youth. So when you get a moment during the Holidays, download it to the Kindle or Nook and take a walk back down memory lane!