Let's Play at Kentucky Fried Chicken

Let’s Play at Kentucky Fried Chicken

Why not have a barrel of fun with Colonel Sanders and all of his finger puppet customers? You can do just that with the Let’s Play at Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant play set, a Child Guidance toy. Eat-in, drive-thru, whatever your pleasure.

The fast food joint swings open for double the play value. And the Colonel operates an automatic tray dispenser! Who could ask for more? Keep your eye out for availability on eBay and other retro outlets.

Let's Play at Kentucky Fried Chicken

Have a Kentucky Fried Chicken Christmas


In this gem from the early 80s we seen Ebeneezer Scrooge, miser of misers, counting up his cash and figuring out a way to chisel all Bob Cratchet. If anyone knows a deal its Scrooge right? What does he suggest you get to make your penny go the furthest? KFC of course. Only the Colonel has the valuable golden brown fried bird to make Ol’ Ebeneezer part with his cash.

“You boy! What day is this?”

“Why its Christmas sir!”

“Oh great then I have not missed it, that White suited Ghost was something else. He did it all in just one night! One night! Now here take this $20 and fetch the largest bucket of fried bird.”

“But sir, a twenty is too much.”

“Well then be quick about it and you may keep the change!”

Enjoy the commercial — only 4 more days till Christmas.