Space Invader Multi-Tool Keychain

They call it the Space Intruder Multi-Tool, but we know better. When I do have a keychain holding my keys together, I like to have that keychain be something useful AND I like it to be something retro. This multi-tool has the added effect of also being video game related. Who could ask for anything more?

Space Invader Multi-Tool Keychain [via] Fred Flare [via] DVICE

Paul Winchell’s Jerry Mahoney Plastic Key Fob is My Newest Nightmare Monster

I always thought that Jerry Mahoney was a pretty terrifying puppet and I hope this terrible aspect was limited to his puppet incarnation. I was wrong, because I think that this Key fob might actually be MORE terrifying. Well done Hake’s now you have birthed a new monster into my rolodex of childhood nighttime terror. No sleep for tonight.

I protect your keys and swallow souls

More info and higher quality Pics @ Hake’s