Nightlife Show – the Kerry Decker TV Show – Electric Trains (1987)

This episode from March 27, 1987 is about electric toy trains made by Lionel. Kerry, along with photographer Rick Zimmer, show a 1962 promo film made by Lionel. As interest in toy trains may have been fading in the 1960s, Lionel brought out a series of trains that were more up to date by adding rockets & launchers from the Space Race.

This program was made during the series’ final year. I see that

Kerry Decker’s NightLife: The Adam Computer (1986)

Interesting insight from the “the man who hates computers” in this classic clip from Kerry Decker’s NightLife. He talks about about the computer that converted him, The Coleco Adam. He was very excited to pick up an Adam for under $200 because it had been discontinued. Yes, the Adam had some issues, but check out how it made him into a convert.