Diving Tony the Tiger

As regular readers know, I think Kellogg’s Starbots are the greatest cereal premium ever. A close second, though, is the Tony the Diving Tiger premium.


I got this sometime in the early 80s (pre-Starbots) and thoroughly enjoy it. You drop Tony in a 2-liter bottle of water, and when you squeeze the sides, he dives. Granted, the 2-liter bottle is not the nicest venue for Tony, as it has an unsightly cap at the top and all sorts of unsightliness at the bottom, but watching Tony go up and down in the water is tons of fun. I recently scored one off Ebay and recorded a short video on it. Not only did I love making Tony dive once again, but so did my daughter (though she calls him Daniel the Diving Tiger).

Kellogg’s OJ’s Cereal

When I bring up OJ cereal to a modern audience they usually grimace or roll their eyes at the idea of an orange flavored cereal, but those same people will happily eat an entire box of Froot Loops. For those who never ate OJs they were amazing and wonderful and the mainstream audience just couldn’t wrap their narrow minds around just how lucky their were to be alive. Because of this, OJs didn’t last very long and fans were left sorting out their Froot Loops into different flavors trying to chase the taste ever since (sadly all the Loops taste the same — so it doesn’t work).