Keebler Suncheros

I would always gravitate towards Keebler products as a kid. I was a sucker for products that claim to be made in hollow trees. While I enjoyed the Suncheros, they just did not really hold up to the superior taste of Doritos. Still the ad campaign and the product are still stuck in my head and I fondly remember walking around singing, “they are made by pequenos keebleros!”

Keebler Magic Middles

I was all over the soft batch cookie craze and as the 1980s rolled along I found that Keebler could do no wrong. Each achievement in cookie technology seemed to top the last. Yet on of their crowning achievements in cookie tech was for some reason taken from us. I am of course referring to the Keebler Magic Middle. A buttery cookie filled with gooey chocolate — it was indescribably wonderful.

They are one of those foods that I would love to see brought back.