Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos


I hear so much about Chuck Norris that I often have to question fact from fiction. So when I saw the above picture, my first reaction was to think it was fake. I was very wrong. The Karate Corvette is just one of a series of items produced to tie-in with the 1986 Karate Kommandos mini series. Why did I ever doubt Chuck!

I’ve started a Toy Archive Pinterest board which is filling up nicely with lots of similar retro toys. Take a look if you fancy it.

Ultravision Presents “Condor Attack” and “Karate”


This is not Halloween related, but when I saw this ad I could not resist posting.

Why did I not own these games?! “Condor Attack” looks like something out of a Howard book. A naked barbarian with some sort of ray-gun fighting the Amazon giant condor? And look at the melon on that bird.

What’s weird is that the creative people at Ultravision could come up with this awesome game and then something as generic as “Karate”.

Note: Keep in mind, these cartridges are “state of the art” and they will “excite” you with their special effects. Stay tuned for Spider Kong…