Justice League of America Intro (1967)

I can say in all honesty that I’ve somehow missed EVER seeing this 1967 Filmation animated intro, or if I have for some reason it’s been locked away securely in the memory banks somewhere just gathering dust.

This intro of the Justice League was for the popular Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure that aired on CBS, you might notice the narrator sounds familiar…that is because it’s the late and great actor, Ted Knight (Mary Tyler Moore, Caddyshack).

The series also starred Bud Collyer, who voiced the roles of Clark Kent and Superman for radio! A year later new Superman and Superboy segments would be added to the Batman/Superman Hour.

Thanks to Hewey1972 for uploading the Justice League of America intro over on YouTube!

Saturday Supercade: Golden Age Of Hollywood Justice League

A huge thanks to artist extraordinaire Chris Samnee for posting this on Twitter, though to be quite honest I know not where he found it. Imagine if the Justice League of America movie had been filmed in the Golden Age of Hollywood! Not piqued your interest enough just yet? How about Gregory Peck as Batman and Errol Flynn as the Green Arrow?

Of course I would have to add that Orson Welles as Vandal Savage is an inspired choice!