Junk Food Tees Green Lantern T-Shirt Winner!

Friends, much like the ring chose Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern Junk Food Tees has chosen Tanya as our winner! Please join me in congratulating her win and giving a huge thank you to our friends over at Junk Food Tees for this fantastic giveaway!

Make sure to follow the link above to the Junk Food Tees site, though be prepared to start filling your virtual cart like I did with more than one T-Shirt design.

Junk Food Tees – Green Lantern T-Shirt Giveaway!

Thanks to our friends over at Junk Food Tees one lucky visitor of our site can ride the wave, the green wave of popularity in style with the Green Lantern T-Shirt you see below.

Normally this awesome T-Shirt would cost you $32 but with a simple comment you can have the chance of obtaining it for free! In the comments section just simply type, “We are the Corps!”. It’s that easy.

Now make sure to follow that link up above where you can look over their impressive clothing line for yourself. I personally love the Flash T-Shirt with his Rogue’s Gallery and their awesome Batman shirts.


X-Men: First Class – Junk Food Tees Giveaway Winners!

It took many, many long hours but using our very own cobbled together Cerebro unit we’ve obtained the names of the two lucky Retroist readers who will be receiving a Marvel Comics X-Men T-Shirt from those geniuses over at Junk Food Tees!

As you can see from this photo taken by Claymation Werewolf…our Cerebro still has a few bugs.

So please join me in giving Charlie Campbell and Jessica C. a huge round of applause!

However since you two both chose to side with Professor Xavier…I would be careful around anything metal in the near future, you may just have been selected as a potential target for the Brotherhood of Mutants. ;)

X-Men: First Class – Movie Clip (Spoilers)

Thanks to the Marvel Comics YouTube channel for this small scene from their upcoming X-Men: First Class that hits theatres nationwide this Friday! Remember to visit this Link and announce who you would side with in the Marvel Mutant Universe, Professor X or Magneto, to be eligible for the chance to win one of two awesome X-Men T-shirts from Junk Food Tees!