Sci-Fi Sunday: Lost In Space – The Animated Series Pilot (1973)

SciFi Sunday
Welcome back to another episode of Sci-Fi Sunday and while what we are sharing today might not be quite as awesome as The Mini-Munsters from the last Saturday Frights, we still think it’s pretty special. It’s the 1973 offering from the ABC Saturday Superstar Movie, the pilot in fact for the Lost in Space animated series! This pilot differs a little from the original live action series in a few key ways. Dr. Smith (The only returning member of the original TV show cast) is aboard the ship as a passenger and not in an effort to sabotage the voyage and kill the Robinson family. While the Robot is present it is named Robon and is used as a flight control for the Jupiter 2 instead of tagging along with the crew. The crew itself is different as we now have Craig Robinson and his younger brother Link along with a geologist named Deena Carmichael who is on board because she is headed to the Saturn space station.

So pop up some popcorn and grab your favorite beverage as we take in a viewing of the Lost In Space animated series pilot here on Sci-Fi Sunday. The show is split into 7 parts so just follow the link to watch the rest of it!
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Saturday Frights: The Twilight Zone – “The Silence” (1961)

Saturday Frights - Sean Hartter
Welcome to another installment of Saturday Frights! This evening we offer for your enjoyment a classic episode of the Twilight Zone, the episode is entitled “The Silence” and was originally broadcast on CBS back on April 28, 1961. The episode deals with one Colonel Archie Taylor (Franchot Tone) who finds that his quite time at the men’s club is continuously wrecked by the nervous chatter of a fellow member, Jamie Tennyson (Liam Sullivan). Taylor decides to lay a wager against Tennyson that he will not be able to speak for one year. If Tennyson accomplishes the feat he will find himself $500,000 richer.

To make sure that Tennyson holds up his end of the wager he will live in a glass apartment constructed in the game room of the men’s club. Microphones set up throughout the apartment will be able to detect any noise that Tennyson might make. His meals will be provided and his communication made through written notes, plus any member of the club may come and visit him at anytime.

This episode also features Jonathan Harris (Lost in Space, Freakazoid) as Taylor’s friend and lawyer as well as Cyril Delevanti.

As we’ve seen with the Twilight Zone series multiple times, the most frightening thing we can witness is what our fellow human beings are capable of. So please turn down the lights, bundle up, and join us for Saturday Frights as we once again visit the Twilight Zone.

As always I want to thank Sean Hartter for the excellent artwork you see up top. Make sure to visit his blog and take a look at all of the other pieces of art he has on display!