Saturday Frights Podcast Ep. 61 (Ghost Story)

When you think required October movie watching, does Ghost Story come to mind?

Why not? Ghost Story is a haunting tale of regret with powerhouse actors and gruesome effects by Dick Smith. Perhaps the Projectionist and I can make you take a second look at the movie after you listen to the Saturday Frights Podcast!

Ghost Story is a 1981 film adaptation from the popular 1979 novel by Peter Straub. Starring the likes of Fred Astaire, John Houseman, Craig Wasson, and Alice Krige. A tale of supernatural revenge that is perfect for this time of the Season. This also happens to be one of those movies that I first saw at the 62 Drive-In of my youth.

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Our intro was graciously provided by the one and only Metagirl!

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Don’t remember Ghost Story? Might I suggest watching the trailer?

[Via] Scream Factory

Do You Know What Today Is?

A huge thanks to Harry Knowles over at Ain’t It Cool News for reminding me of the importance of today’s date! I’d almost tear up my membership in the John Carpenter Fan Club for forgetting this if I couldn’t blame how busy today is at work as the reason it had slipped my mind.

Still not sure why this date is so important especially to those citizens of Spivey Point, then let the legendary John Houseman explain it to you…

[Via] Trivial Bingo’s YouTube Channel

The Fog Theatrical Poster (1980)

One of my first posts after I became a full time writer for the Retroist was reviewing John Carpenter’s classic, The Fog, and I say reviewed the film in the loosest term possible. It’s a movie I plan on watching again as Halloween fast approaches and I admit that I’ll only start watching it at 11:55 pm thanks to John Houseman’s character at the beginning of the film:

“11:55…almost Midnight. Enough time for one more story. One more story before 12, just to keep us warm.”

A big thanks to IMP Awards for the original theatrical poster you see below…they just do not make posters like this anymore!

TV Thursday: Silver Spoons (1982)

Okay, let me start by saying how extremely envious I was of Ricky Stratton (Ricky Schroeder) every week as my Father and I watched this show. The kid ended up with his own Dragon’s Lair machine in his living room, his living room! But he always had some awesome arcade game within reach no matter what.

Ahem. Silver Spoons aired on NBC from September 25th, 1982 to May 11th, 1986. Besides Rick ‘Ricky” Schroeder the series starred Joel Higgins as Edward Stratton III, Erin Gray as Kate Summers (Though Joel and Kate eventually marry), Leonard Lightfood as Leonard Rollins, Jason Bateman as Derek Taylor, and John Houseman as Edward Stratton II.

The series dealt with a single father, Edward Stratton III, not only having to grow up enough to raise a son he never knew existed but to take control of his toy company empire as well, which we learn in the first season that his business associate has embezzled some of the companies money. Kate Summers acts as the voice of reason for Edward…sometimes unheeded…like the time he hires Mr. T to be a bodyguard for Ricky at school.