Halloween on State Street in Madison, WI (1979)

Here is an oldy but goody by new retro fave artist Joel Fletcher of a Halloween Block Party taken in Madison, Wisconsin, back in 1979. You hear a lot of buzz about how parties and street events get crazy nowadays, but things were far from tame in 1979. Enjoy.


Description from Joel
A historical vintage movie of the Halloween block party held on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin. Images include bonfires in the street, costumes from the era, open bottles and cans of intoxicants, and a costume contest. Wild Revelry in Madtown! The annual event is now called Freakfest as of 2006, and is much tamer than it was in the good ol’ days. Shot with high-speed black and white super 8 film. Musical accompaniment by Bjorn Lynne. From the Joel Fletcher archives.