Saturday Frights Podcast Episode 051 (All Good Things…)

Welcome back friends to the Saturday Frights Podcast! Each podcast my co-host, the Projectionist and I will discuss a particular horror movie or horror themed TV episode from the Retroist Vault. This week I had intended to discuss 1984’s Gremlins…and had set out to do so…but then everything went wrong.

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Retroist Presents: Joe Dante’s E! Gremlins 2 Segment (1990)

Do you remember back in the early days of E! when they would do the Shameless Plug segment? An actor or director would be taped for five seconds, allowing them to express their desires to have you see their new film. In this segment Joe Dante implores everyone to go out and catch the sequel to his 1984 box office smash, Gremlins.

Hey, there’s a bonus appearance by Beau Bridges at the beginning of that clip as well!

Fast Food Fridays

Burger King Commercial Featuring…Meg Ryan? (1982)

I had a powerful craving to eat at Burger King today and I’ll tell you something, the girl that took my order was in no way as cheery and polite as Meg Ryan in this commercial from back in 1982!

Things apparently took an upswing in Meg’s life after the “Aren’t You Hungry?” sweepstakes because 5 years later she was starring with Martin Short and Dennis Quaid in the Joe Dante classic Innerspace!

Thanks to Crommy 5 for uploading this commercial over on YouTube.

The Howling Theatrical Poster (1981)

The Retroist and I both have discussed the classic Joe Dante helmed Werewolf extravaganza the Howling, here and here.

Like the Fog theatrical poster last week, this is another fine example of great 80’s poster design! Not to mention it’s really, really creepy. I can vividly recall in my youth staring at this poster at the 62 Drive-In, drinking my Coke and waiting for my Father to pay for the Hot Dogs and Popcorn.

Thanks to IMP Awards for this scanned image of the original theatrical poster!

William Castle Productions Presents: House On Haunted Hill Annotated Screenplay – Complete With Emergo!

As always I want to give a huge thanks to our friends over at Green Galactic and William Castle Productions for this press release announcing the release of the 1959 screenplay for the classic House on Haunted Hill, it is annotated and includes an introduction by none of other than legendary director, Joe Dante! Being published on Oct. 31st means it will make that perfect last minute stocking stuffer for the Halloween Holidays! What? You guys don’t hang stockings for treats and toys by the fireplace for Halloween?! Weird…

The Recently Resurrected William Castle Productions Presents
House on Haunted Hill: A William Castle Annotated Screamplay – Complete with Emerg-O!
To Be Released on October 31, 2011

LOS ANGELES, CA – October 6, 2011 – Due out on October 31, 2011, William Castle Productions proudly presents House on Haunted Hill: A William Castle Annotated Screamplay. The book features legendary horror filmmaker William Castle’s authentic working script from his 1959 classic thriller with original formatting and Castle’s own hand-written notes. This collector’s item even comes with a new twist on Castle’s famous theater gimmick, Emerg-O. The 248-page book includes a foreword by acclaimed director Joe Dante (Gremlins, The Howling, Matinee), hailing the book as “an important artifact.” It also includes an introduction by William’s daughter, Terry Castle, who shares her personal thoughts on this seminal piece of film history. A critical perspective of the film by writer and illustrator Charlie Largent is also included as well as a special welcome from William Castle himself. The Screamplay will be available in print for $24.99 via Amazon and select retailers through the recently resurrected William Castle Productions (ISBN-13: 978-0578092928). For more information please visit

“It’s not that often that you find a script from this period surviving with annotations,” writes Joe Dante in the introduction, “And that’s what makes reading this script such a pleasant surprise; you can actually imagine what it was like to be there, reading the script on the set with the actors, and coming up with artistic decisions on the spot.”

House on Haunted Hill – The Movie-
House on Haunted Hill remains a classic chiller to this day. Produced and directed by William Castle and written by Robb White, the shocker is beloved not only for Castle’s suspense-filled direction but what came to be known as “The Gimmick,” carnival sideshow trickery that both scared and delighted the audience. The original film stars the inimitable Vincent Price and features the classic gimmick Emerg-O – an inflatable glow in the dark skeleton attached to a wire that floated over the heads of the uproarious audience during the final moments of the film to parallel the action on the screen.

In the film, eccentric millionaire playboy Fredrick Loren (Price) and his fourth wife Annabelle have invited five strangers to a “party” at the House on Haunted Hill, a spooky old mansion with a murder-laden history. Whoever stays in the house for one night will earn ten thousand dollars each. Loren even provides loaded guns as party favors. As the night progresses, the guests are trapped inside the foreboding house with ghosts, murderers, and other terrors.

House on Haunted Hill: A William Castle Annotated Screamplay
The Screamplay features the House on Haunted Hill script’s original formatting, maintaining the integrity of the authentic screenplay replete with Castle’s own hand-written notes. In addition, the book cover imitates the leather-bound binders that Castle used for every movie. William Castle Productions, in keeping with the spirit of “The Gimmick,” presents this book with a print version of Emerg-O – simply flip through the pages and scare yourself silly!

The annotated script “pulls back the curtain on the film,” writes Charlie Largent on the artifact, “Castle’s copious notes shine a light on both his own working methods as the director and Robb White’s as the screenwriter … It’s the closest thing we’ll ever have to an alternate director’s cut of this seminal spookfest.”

But there is still more news concerning William Castle (Who has been able to come back from the dead to promote his new book, The Prayer) and his daughter, Terry Castle!

EVENTS – Book Readings/Signings For All 3 Titles & Film Screenings:

Some in-person events include… a blood-making demonstration of the Castle family secret recipe.


Sun. 10/16 – Books of Wonder’s “Chills & Thrills for Young Readers” – 1:00pm – FearMaker: Family Matters book reading/signing –

Wed. 10/19 – Buffalo International Film Festival [Lancaster] – 7:30pm – SKYPE appearance to introduce House on Haunted Hill screening with Emerg-O! and

New Jersey:
Fri. 10/28 – Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre [Jersey City] – 8:00pm – House On Haunted Hill screening with Emerg-O! – Castle’s grandson hosts a Q&A and raffle with copies of House On Haunted Hill: A William Castle Annotated Screemplay


Bay Area:
Fri. 10/21 – Book Passage [Corte Madera] – 7:00pm – From The Grave: The Prayer book reading/signing –

Sat. 10/22 – Aero Theatre [Santa Monica] – 6:30pm – House on Haunted Hill screening with Emerg-O! as part of American Cinematheque’s Vincent Price Centennial Weekend. Introduction by Terry Castle who will sign copies of House on Haunted Hill: A William Castle Annotated Screamplay before the film in the Aero lobby –

Thu. 10/27 – Stories Books & Café [Echo Park] – 7:30pm – From The Grave: The Prayer & FearMaker: Family Matters book reading/signing –

Thu. 11/10 – Larry Edmunds [Hollywood] 7:30pm – House on Haunted Hill: A William Castle Annotated Screamplay book reading/signing –