Kellogg’s Cocoa Hoots

I have a list of cereals that I wish I had tried when they came out. Sadly some preceded me or I just plain missed them. One of those cereal was Cocoa Hoots. Why? Well I imagine the taste would not be all that different from any other chocolate cereal, but I am a big fan owls as spokesbirds and the art on the box is pretty swell. Look at the wise ol’ owl! How could you not eat his cereal? If you don’t trust the bird, how about Oscar winner Jodie Foster?

Trailer Tuesday: Bugsy Malone (1976)

I didn’t get the pleasure of seeing Bugsy Malone when it first hit the silver screen in 1976, my first introduction to this film was during summer break in the early 80’s at one of the weekday matinee shows my local Malco theater put on for kids. Bugsy Malone is a movie where the entire cast were kids and better yet it was all about the days of prohibition in New York in 1929. I was hooked from the first few moments

Directed by Alan Parker (Midnight Express, Fame, Angel Heart, Mississippi Burning, and the Commitments to name a few.) this film was the introduction of Scott Baio. Jodie Foster at the age of 13 was already a ‘veteran’ and was quite upset to learn during the red carpet premiere that her singing parts had been dubbed by an adult. Thanks to Wikipedia I learned that the brilliant songwriter of the film, Paul Williams, had this to say about the experience: “I’m really proud of the work and the only thing I’ve ever doubted is the choice of using adult voices. Perhaps I should have given the kids a chance to sing the songs.” Alan Parker also commented: “Watching the film after all these years, this is one aspect that I find the most bizarre. Adult voices coming out of these kids’ mouths? I had told Paul that I didn’t want squeaky kids voices and he interpreted this in his own way. Anyway, as the tapes arrived, scarcely weeks away from filming, we had no choice but to go along with it!”