Comic Salvage Sells Jewely Made from Comics

Right now Comic Salvage is out of stock of its wonderful and not extremely popular jewelry that they craft from distressed vintage comic books. The shop still has a placeholder up for a pair of of cufflinks and their description mentions the ability to place customized orders. So make sure you bookmark their store and check back soon, they seem to be on a roll and unless you keep your eyes open it might be a challenge to score some of their fine comic based jewelry for that special comic book fan in your life.

1981 Atari Computer Chip Ring

I have to admit, I am not a flashy jewelry wearer. I just wear 12 gold chains representing the 12 Original US States that I am willing to recognize and 4 rings representing the 4 winds. So I am pretty set, but if I needed to add a little bit more flash to my swagger, I might look into picking up this sweet precise cast of the original Atari computer chip in 18 karat gold. Not sure if any are still available, but it is worth checking out.

1981 Atari Computer Chip Ring [@] Sakurako Shimizu

Retro Sterling Silver Space Invader Cufflinks

space invaders cufflinks

Want to be the hit of the holiday party this year? Pick up a sweet pair of these retro sterling silver Space Invader Cufflinks by Kai Zaunick. The handcrafted cufflinks are made of 925-Sterling silver and measure 0.625 inches by 0.5 inches. What effect will they have on you? Increased popularity as people wonder if you traveled from the past in your DeLoreon to the party. You will finally get that raise you have been after when you strike up a conversation with your boss who has great memories of his first kiss by the light of a Space Invaders game at his local arcade in 1981.

So what’s the delay? Pick up a set today.

About the designer
Kai Zaunick, originally from Germany, was in search for a counter balance for his dayjob as a programmer … something that would drag him away from the world of code lines and numbers and allow him to create something real outside a computer screen.

The solution: Jewelry! The idea of working with precious metals, transforming them with his own hands into design objects, sounded interesting enough to make him start exploring this ancient craft. Learning from the best master jewelers, Kai got to know all the steps involved in jewelry making. Three years ago he opened his studio and began designing his first collection. After a year of hard work his jewelry appeared in various national fashion magazines. Rapidly the demand grew and the studio had to be expanded.

Kai’s collections are diverse, representing an authentic approach to todays fashion and reinterpreting classic themes, but common characteristics running through all his work are quality, perfection and attention to detail.