Let a Smile and Blinding Violence be Your Umbrella…Just Like Jet Jaguar!

Jet Jaguar
Man Creeps I seem to stand alone on this one, but do you know what my absolute favorite part of the entire Godzilla series is? Why it’s none other than that arm movement makin’, kid carryin’ eternally grinnin’ primary hued robot; Jet Jaguar!

The result of a contest in 1972 to determine the next great Japanese superhero (Toho couldn’t let Ultraman have every slice of that sweet kaiju pie…which I imagine would taste like boysenberry), Jet Jaguar was to star in his own film Jet Jaguar vs. Megalon, but after a little thought on the matter the execs at Toho got more nervous than Skeletor at a competent villains convention, and so the decision was made to shoehorn ol’ Godzilla and Gigan into the film to increase its marketability, and thus Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973) was born!

That is all well and good, but anyone that’s seen the film knows the singular best thing about it (and maybe the universe in general) is in fact Masato Shimon’s kicky Jetto Jaga theme song which approximates the complete unraveling of a man’s psyche as he screams “Punch! Punch! Punch!” accompanied by flutes, raunchy horns and an old school stripper beat (which gives it the vibe of a Peanuts cartoon set at a burlesque show).

So with that, don’t cry and let’s do our best…just like our violence prone, ever smiling, piggy-back ride giving automaton comrade would do…