George Of The Jungle – The Malady Lingers On (1967)

George of the Jungle
The classic George of the Jungle animated TV shorts of 1967 were the results of the legendary Jay Ward and Bill Scott, the duo also created The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show back in 1959. Jay Ward enjoyed the quality of the animation for George of the Jungle so much that he allowed the budgets to go over on each episode, which sadly resulted in the series lasting on 17 episodes in total. The animation for the show was handled by an American animation studio where the Rocky and Bullwinkle shows were created in Mexico. George of the Jungle featured not only the usual wonderful puns that Ward was famous for but we can hear the regular cast of Jay Ward voice actors Bill Scott, June Foray, and Paul Frees as well.

So take a break for yourself and enjoy this George of the Jungle episode entitled “The Malady Lingers On”.

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