Hey creeps! Do ya e’er have the urge to kick back and watch some real bad cats do even worse unto others? Sure, who doesn’t? If we didn’t the Tarantinos of the world couldn’t drink Cristal and buy movie theaters. And while I dig Reservoir Dogs and the like, sometimes ya gotta step back and take a gander at some OG bad@$$ery, and there are few finer examples of that than Yasuharu Hasebe’s 1967 bullet ballet MASSACRE GUN!

MASSACRE GUN details the wrong side of the tracks antics of Kuroda (Jô Shishido playin’ the part with buckets of kinetic stoicism…wrap your heads around that one…) who decides to rebel against his crime boss employer (a man who laughs through gritted teeth so ya know he’s the most business of businessmen) after said boss forces him to murderize his lover. Kill-crazy Kuroda is joined in his revenge by his two brothers, and the family that plays together slays together as they manage to engage in a major war against the underworld!

Drenched in bullets, babes and bad guys, MASSACRE GUN is one hard core flick! Fingers are crushed, bullets rip through flesh and messages are delivered via coffins; kinda like a Tuesday here in the Crypt O’ XIII…minus all the violence…and the black and white Yakuza action…o.k., it’s nothing like that here, but the film is damn good! And, because this film is brought to us by those luvable scamps™ at Arrow Films, the picture is crystal clear (and I’m sure the colors would pop if this flick had any), and the disc contains a full complement of bonus-y bonuses (interviews, trailers etc.).

So, MASSACRE GUN needs to be in your collection today, especially if you like bad things happening to bad people…and soulful jazz…or good movies…just buy the damn thing already!

Toyko’s Kaiju Monster Wall

2013-12-29 16.02.05

My local toy hangout Toyko has an awesome wall of Kaiju figures! Some of these guys look familiar and some of them just look weird, but all of them look awesome! I’d like to own all of them, but for the time being I’ll suffice by simply pulling them all off the wall, setting them up on the floor and playing Godzilla with them in the store.

(Note: While the employees of Toyko are all very cool and friendly people, please do not pull all the toys off the wall and set up your own Godzilla diorama without purchasing them first.)

Old Orient Museum has digitally restored Retro Chinese and Japanese Advertising Art

While I am not normally a fan of flash heavy sites, I did find myself pretty immersed in the Old Orient Museum. So lost that I found myself spending over an hour sifting through their gallery of restored Chinese and Japanese advertisements from the 1920s and 1930s. I especially enjoyed their section that showed the before and after on their restoration work. They even did a good job of choosing music that set the mood well for the site and while I lowered the volume on the music I never full shut it off. If you enjoy vintage advertising, it is definitely a site you should have bookmarked.

Before and After

5 American Retro TV Show Intros That Are Better in Japanese


It used to be difficult to get exposed to TV from other countries, but with the internet, exotic treats are just a search away. I have been looking at retro TV shows lately that were broadcast in other languages. To my surprise, the intros to a lot of these shows are much better in other languages. Here are some of the best I have found from Japan. With some, like Gummi Bear and TMNT, it is a close call, but with others, like The Bad News Bears and GI Joe, the Japanese version wins by a mile. Seems especially sad for GI-Joe, since they use the tagline “The Real American Hero”. Oh well.

5. The Bionic Woman

4. Disney’s Gummi Bears

3. The Bad News Bears

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

1. GI Joe