Super Balls with Monster Images

According to Hake’s

c. late 1960s. Made in Japan. No copyright. 9″ long clear soft plastic container holds six opaque yellow balls, each with two different art images on inside. Includes non-Universal monster images of Frankenstein, Creature and Wolfman,plus Witch, Skeleton, and Alien images for a total of 12. Cylinder has chips and cracks at one end, o/w still tight and Fine. Balls have tiny trace of wear here and there but overall group is VF/Exc. Nicely designed. (G – $100 to $200)

[via] Hake’s

1970s Star Wars Themed Japanese Canned Meat Commercial

I have been digging through a backlog of old bookmarks — Mostly things I meant to post last year (some even the year before that). While doing so I found this gem which had been making the rounds on the web a while ago and I remembered why I wanted to share it on the site. Not because of its poorly done plot or even its disco ambiance, both of which are wonderful, but instead one thing about this commercial bothered me. They play Chewbacca like he is some sort of ape. Now I love apes as much as the next person, maybe more, but it is wrong to insult a hero of the Rebellion and new Republic, by making him seem like some sort of grunting primate.

Japanese Sega Saturn Commercials with Segata Sanshiro

If they had Sega Saturn ads like this over here then I would have bought one when they came out! I challenge every single person to watch all these without ending up singing ” Sega-taaaa-San-shiro”, I put it to you that it is impossible or at the very least improbable. The last one which is actually the music video that was released and is my personal favorite. These adverts ran for over 20 episodes which no doubt can be found uploaded by the magical dwarfs/elves of youtube…

Segata Sanshiro can be found defending our very own forum*

*This is a complete lie