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Lost In Space Soundtrack Released By Lakeshore Records!

Friends, last week we had exciting news with the upcoming 3-CD release of The Storyteller. That excitement builds to a new level as Lakeshore Records has released Christopher Lennertz’s Lost in Space soundtrack too. My spoiler free review of the first episode was quick to praise the acting and effects. I would add that Netflix’s worthy reboot of the original ’60s TV show shines brightly with the score as well. Showrunner Zack Estrin chose wisely when picking Christopher Lennertz to compose the Lost in Space soundtrack!

Lost in Space Soundtrack - Christopher Lennertz - IMDB

Image courtesy of IMDB.

Lennertz is no stranger to composing stunning music for films and television. At this moment he has a staggering 123 credits to his name. Some notable projects from his career include The Horde, Horrible Bosses, Agent Carter, 176 episodes of Supernatural as well as the spinoff Ghostfacers. I certainly feel it is safe to say he knows his way around all manner of genres.

At the end of the review for that first episode. I made a small comment about hoping the score would be worthy of the 1998 feature film. After having watched the series and Lakeshore Records kindly letting me review the Lost in Space soundtrack itself. I can in all honesty say that Christopher has exceeded the wonderful work by Bruce Broughton. Furthermore Lennertz has crafted a score that manages to convey the emotional gist of the series.
Lost in Space Soundtrack - Robot and Will Robinson

The heroic swell heard in Main Titles, naturally builds off John Williams original theme. Parts of that iconic theme plays throughout the score for the Lost in Space soundtrack. While William’s original theme might have inspired the composer. Lennertz is solely responsible for delivering an exceptionally moving and exciting score. Friends, he deserves accolades and awards on this!

From the pulse pounding start of To The Chariot that deftly slides into a softer touch before returning to a thrilling score. Without being jarring of course. Or the absolutely moving combination of strings and piano at the beginning of The Waterfall, which in turn becomes mysterious and threatening. Lennertz with the Philharmonia Orchestra, have delivered a rousing and beautiful soundtrack. While I am indeed attempting to avoid spoilers with the names of the tracks. I will go on record stating that Will and the Robot as well as Flowers-Father And Son are two of my favorites.
Lost in Space soundtrack - John and Will Robinson

With all due respect to Lakeshore Records, I think that Zack Estrin says it better than I could. This is courtesy of the liner notes for the soundtrack:
“Much like the Robinsons themselves, there’s an underlying sense of hope to the music here. It’s a sonic rollercoaster full of fun and heart…”
Lost In Space Soundtrack - Chariot

Now the great news is Lakeshore Records have already released the soundtrack. It actually debuted at the same time as the Netflix series went live. Now you can of course hop on over to the Lakeshore’s official site and purchase it in any number of ways. I would however suggest you go the iTunes route. Why? That is because you will indeed get more than the standard 22 tracks. By going through iTunes you will get 7 more bonus tracks!

Are you ready to hear a medley of Christopher Lennert’s Lost in Space soundtrack?

[Via] Lakeshore Records

New Commercial For Tron: Uprising!

The Tron: Uprising information train is apparently going full speed across the Grid as we have another TV commercial to share. Last week we had the exciting 16 second teaser to drool over…now we have a full minute and this time we get some pretty awesome story details.

[Via] Comix Fan VN’s YouTube Channel

Really enjoyed seeing some of the original guards from the first Tron film in that commercial. I couldn’t get a really good look at the character Beck (Elijah Wood) was sparring against, though I assume that is Rinzler…which makes me wonder if my original guess about what happened to Tron is correct. Did Tron somehow get infected with his battle against Clu…is he slowly turning into the Rinzler we see in Tron: Legacy?

I sadly do not have Disney XD on my cable lineup, hopefully I’ll be able to catch the show on iTunes or through Zune, but to be honest I don’t think that June will get here fast enough for my liking.

p1xl Games: Free this weekend!

Robin Harbron, one of the programmers of the Commodore All-in-One Joystick that was released a few years ago, announced earlier this weekend that his popular iOS game “P1XL Party – Retro Minigames!” is currently free this weekend on iTunes.

The original release of p1xl Party (1.0) contained three games: Marz, a flipped-upside-down version of Space Invaders; Wanderers, a top-down RPG; and Platform, a platform game featuring a bouncing ball. Each of the three games contains retro-Commodore 64-styled graphics and sound.

Version 1.1 of the app contains a fourth game titled Bounced, which the developer describes as a cross between “Pong and Herding”.

Normally $1.99, this weekend the app has been marked down to free. Additionally, free updates with new games have been promised. If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, what’s not to like?

Link: p1xl Party on iTunes

Win a Free Digital Download of A Clockwork Orange

Good news for all your droogs, the 40th Anniversary edition of A Clockwork Orange was just released and in honor of this wonderful occasion, we will be giving away a digital download of the movie via iTunes. Even better, this iTunes download will not only include the movie, but will also include over 38 minutes of bonus content.

So the thing you are probably wondering is, “how do I win it?” Well it is easy, just visit the official iTunes page for A Clockwork Orange and answer the following question to enter the contest… “tell us which actors from the film are listed under CREDITS on the iTunes page?” After you have done that, email them to me at retroist@retroist.com or send them to me on Facebook or Twitter. You can even use the submission form here. Just make sure you leave a way for me to contact you if you have won.

Good luck!