What if Games for Marvel’s Avengers had Been Released on the Atari 2600?

The 1980s were a magical time for blockbuster films. Sadly though, when it came to comic book movies, we had just a few Superman sequels and of course Batman in the late 1980s. So I was chatting with Vic Sage the other night and we started wondering what the pop culture landscape might have been like if they had released the Avengers in the 1980s. Would they have done the same release schedule? Would it have been a hit? Eventually we started talking about tie-ins and that got us thinking about video games.

Now neither of use are designers, but thanks to some great templates and the art of King Kirby, we were able to mock up what the game boxes for the solo Avengers titles (and the Avengers) might have looked like if they had been released for the Atari 2600 and in the case of the Avengers, the Atari 5200.

First we will kick off with Iron Man, which starred Bruce Boxleitner as Tony Stark…

Iron Man for the Atari 2600

Second came the big budget Hulk, with beloved Bill Bixby as Bruce Banner…

Hulk for the Atari 2600

Treat Williams took on the role of the Star Spangled Avenger…

Captain America for the Atari 2600

Schwarzenegger was already a growing star, so when he took on the mantle of the Mighty Thor, everyone was very excited…

Thor for the Atari 2600

Finally they all came together, with the addition of Michelle Pfeiffer as the Wasp and Rutger Hauer as Loki, in the biggest film of the 1980s, The Avengers. By this time, the Atari 5200 was in stores. Some say it was the high quality Avengers title that saved that system and prevented Atari from going under.

The Avengers for the Atari 5200

Retroist Pinball Challenge #1: Completed!

Friends, the first Retroist Pinball Challenge, which featured the Pinball FX2 Iron Man table has been completed and I dare say the winning score is completely jaw-dropping. The recipient of the High-Score Pinball crown and the 1600 Microsoft Point code goes to HeathenSauce with a more than impressive 136,056,866 points!

Please join me in a round of applause for HeathenSauce and his pinball skills, he is the 19th best player on the Iron Man table…in the world! I believe a bit of music is in order for that feat!

Retroist Pinball Challenge: Iron Man

Friends, the Retroist Game Room Challenge has finally returned as well as mutated just a teensy bit, we are now expanding the Challenge to the incredible Pinball FX2 selection of tables on the Xbox Live Arcade. For our first Pinball Challenge we are going with the Marvel Comic’s Iron Man themed table!

The rules are the same as the Game Room Challenge, make sure you are in my friends list on Xbox Live, my gamertag is Unicron2005, later this evening I will begin to send out the challenges on the table. After 7 days whichever Video Warrior has the high-score will also get the High Score Crown for bragging rights and a 1600 Microsoft Point Code!

Marvel Comics Meets Tron…Again!

It’s April 5th. You know what that means…You can now drive to any major retailer that carries Blu-Ray and DVDs to purchase your copy of Tron: Legacy!

To celebrate today…prepare yourself…because I’ve got a whole lot of Tron inspired pieces of art to share with you all. Let’s start the celebration with a wonderful piece of art from The Boog over at SatelliteSoda.com with his runner-up entry in the Mashup of the Tron universe and Marvel comics, showing us what would happen if the digital versions of the Hulk and Iron Man within his Hulk Buster armor met on the Game Grid!