NES Android Apps

I am a big fan of what I call “portable nostalgia”, some remnant of the things of the past that can be encapsulated into a small form and carried around with you, giving you instant, universal access to that thing. At first, I got this portable nostalgia from my Ipod, which held my entire music library, including all my 80s tunes. My books ANESthetized and Arcadian were attempts to generate this portable nostalgia as well.

And now I’ve found another way to get it: tablet apps. Here are two Android apps I found that give me this portable nostalgia.

And in case you’re a Apple person, here’s one for the Ipad.

The Atari 2600 iPod Dock

atari ipod dock

If you have a broken Atari 2600, an ipod docking station and some free desk space you to could make a nifty Atari 2600 docking station for your iPod. This one was built by Byron Casebier, who did who hopes it will act as a proof of concept that inspires others to improve upon his build.

Here is my weak (and slightly unfinished) Atari iPod Dock. I thought sharing may create interest for someone that can do this better. As far as specs, I gutted a broken, iPod clock radio and put it all inside the Atari. Everything works except for the clock (it was the broken part). There is even a remote control so I can sit back on my vinyl couch, drink some Tang and control my tunes…And yes, I’m still rocking a 3rd gen iPod.

[via] Gizmodo