Instagram Retro-izes Your Photos

Enjoy taking snapshots with your iPhone, but unhappy that the results are often a bit too perfect?  Instagram is a free app that can help with that.  It allows you to shoot a photo and then select a format that suits your retro tastes.  Doesn’t this Kenner Tie Fighter look better with the proper era photography?  And, if you’re an Android user – don’t despair.  Instagram will be released for that platform in the near future.  Hipstamatic is another great app that offers even more options  – but will cost you a whopping $1.99

Instagram Tie Fighter


Original Tie Fighter Photo

Original Tie Fighter Photo

Retro Phone Handsets

If you’re a fan of the Retroist you’re probably into old things, but unfortunately there are some modern marvels of technology (like cell phones) that are simply a necessary evil. What’s a guy to do?


THIS, my friends, is a Bluetooth retro handset. This particular one sells for $25 at, but I’ve seen them at the mall (at Brookstone) for around $40. The handset comes with a USB cable for charging purposes, but connects to your phone wirelessly using Bluetooth.

I received one of these (the red one) for my birthday last month, and you wouldn’t believe the looks I get while talking into it and driving down the street. For those of you who live in areas of the country that require “hands free” cell phones, this qualifies — simply hold the handset between your shoulder and your head like we used to do back in the 80s, and voila — it’s hands free!

I’ve been wanting to take my handset to the mall and use it while walking around, but since it’s wireless I’m afraid people won’t believe it’s a real phone and will have me arrested for being crazy. If that happens, I’ll demand to use my handset for my one phone call.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

p1xl Games: Free this weekend!

Robin Harbron, one of the programmers of the Commodore All-in-One Joystick that was released a few years ago, announced earlier this weekend that his popular iOS game “P1XL Party – Retro Minigames!” is currently free this weekend on iTunes.

The original release of p1xl Party (1.0) contained three games: Marz, a flipped-upside-down version of Space Invaders; Wanderers, a top-down RPG; and Platform, a platform game featuring a bouncing ball. Each of the three games contains retro-Commodore 64-styled graphics and sound.

Version 1.1 of the app contains a fourth game titled Bounced, which the developer describes as a cross between “Pong and Herding”.

Normally $1.99, this weekend the app has been marked down to free. Additionally, free updates with new games have been promised. If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, what’s not to like?

Link: p1xl Party on iTunes