Mission Mars (1968)

I was looking to post about something else concerning Darren McGavin when this trailer for Mission Mars popped up in my YouTube browser. I can honestly say that I’ve never heard of this Sci-Fi film before…but after watching the trailer I’m certainly going to have to try and hunt it down!

[Via] The 42nd Street Mutant’s YouTube Channel…is that a C.H.U.D. reference?

I’ve not been able to find much about Mission Mars except for this “summary” from its IMDB page: “Three American astronauts who land on Mars discover the body of a frozen Russian cosmonaut and a mysterious talking orb.”

Has anyone had a chance to view this film by chance?

Sands of the Kalahari (1965)

I’ve never had the privilege of seeing this movie as it was released a little before my time, however I do have an all-encompassing love for Primates so at some point I’m going to have to pick up this blu-ray…and a Baboon on the cover with a stone axe and another that looks like it might be carrying a flaming torch really makes me just want to rush out and pick it up today.

Sands of the Kalahari was directed by Cy Endfield (Zulu) and stars Stuart Whitman (Cimarron Strip), Stanley Baker (Zulu), and Susannah York (A Man For All Seasons). Thanks to Doug Sederberg over at IMDB.Com for this plot summary:

“A small plane crashes in the sweltering deserts of South Africa hundreds of miles from civilization. As parallels are drawn between the group of humans and a nearby pack of savage baboons, one of the men’s survivalist nature gets the better of him, as he decides his chances of survival would be better if the others were eliminated one-by-one.”