hulk disco dance floor 2

The Incredible Hulk – Alice in Disco Land

I have been rewatching the Incredible Hulk on both Netflix streaming and Retro TV. Yesterday they showed the famous episode “Alice in Disco Land”. I kept waiting for the Hulk to hit the floor. It took the whole episode (which had a great disco version of the Hulk theme), before the Hulk put his bare green feet on that lighted floor and of course sent the mirror ball crashing to the ground. I miss you so much sometimes 1978.

Hulk hit the floor…
hulk disco dance floor 1

The mirrored ball hits the floor…
hulk disco dance floor 2

There Goes the Incredible Hulk Sweatshirt

Thanks to Ellen Jo Roberts for uploading photos of this 1970s style Incredible Hulk Sweatshirt on Flickr. I never saw this sweatshirt back in the 1970s or 1980s, but I think it is a pretty swell double-sided piece of apparel.

See the comments section of the photo on Flickr to see the front side of the shirt.

[via] Retroist Image Pool