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Saturday Frights: In Search Of The Ghost Ship/Mary Celeste (1980)

Welcome back friends! Before we talk about our spooky offering this week I want to thank all of you that have sent in e-mail concerning about the health and well being of my co-host on the Saturday Frights Podcast, the Projectionist.

While it’s true that he has yet to return to the control booth or even show up to record for the Retro Radio Memories Podcast, there have been confirmed sightings in the lower levels of the Retroist Vault of our friend. Of course many of my fellow employees here at Retroist Inc. have also mentioned they’ve seen him carrying dynamite and gasoline…so perhaps it’s best not to try and pry?

For this evening I thought we might step away from the usual TV show or short and instead present a wonderful episode of In Search Of, this one being entitled The Ghost Ship/Mary Celeste. In the episode the late great Leonard Nimoy does his typical great job of ratcheting up the creepiness of the Mary Celeste with his masterful narration. Presenting the facts of how the Canadian brigantine Dei Gratia came upon the abandoned and undamaged Mary Celeste on December 4, 1872 and then presenting In Search Of’s own theory as to what occurred to her crew.

Join us as we go In Search Of The Ghost Ship Mary Celeste, here on Saturday Frights!

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If you need to learn a little more about the legendary Leonard Nimoy, why not listen to Episode 008 of the Retroist Podcast?

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Easter Island Tissue Dispenser

My Mom finds some weird things at garage sales for me. A couple of weeks ago, she found this — an Easter Island tissue dispenser. The box itself is metal, with a pseudo-stone face attached to the front of it. The back side contains an elastic strap that will keep it affixed to a box of tissues. The perfectly aligned hole allows those with allergies or the sniffles to obtain a tissue through the statue’s nose.

If you aren’t familiar with Easter Island and its 887 “moai” monuments, Leonard Nimoy would be glad to tell you all about it on this episode of “In Search Of …”. Below is a link to Part 1 of 3 of the episode on YouTube.

Watching those old episodes of “In Search Of” brings a tear to my eye. If only I had a tissue nearby. Oh, wait …