“In Living Color” Movie Parodies We’d Like to See!

For those of you who love In Living Color’s music video parodies…there’s also parodies of well-known movies!

Can you handle this?!

I Came For One Movie Parody…Honest!

So, as you’ve seen with some of my previous articles, I’m not good at “leaving well enough alone,” or “keeping it short.”

And if you read last week’s article, you’re aware of this.

Movie parodies (like music videos) made for fertile ground on In Living Color. I covered this in two previous posts (see related), but there is so much more to see. Besides, the truth is, I forgot some of these existed.

So I guess that makes them more worthy of mention!

Anyway, keep reading – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Sitcom Flight Passengers, and Basic Instincts Gone Awry…

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First of all, two parodies for the price of one!

Perhaps I should just ask the important question: what happens when Sondra from 227 works airline security on a plane overrun with terrorists? Passenger 227, that’s what! In this parody, Sondra takes on the Wesley Snipes role AND the terrorists. She also insists to Mary (via phone) that she didn’t teach Mary’s daughter how to “do that thing with her tongue.”

(By the way, this is the parody I planned to write about!)

Meanwhile, in the second movie parody (same video), Basic Instinct gets the “Wanda The Ugly Girl” treatment. But instead of Michael Douglas, we have Tommy Davidson. And filling in for Sharon Stone…Ali Wentworth. But, filling in for her? Jamie Foxx as Wanda. Of course, if you’ve seen Wanda before, you know where this is going!

I still can’t believe she’s married to George Stephanopolous.

A Fatal Attraction…to Coffee?!

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This parody crosses product placement with movie. In this case, coffee with Fatal Attraction. Faux Glenn Close is visited by a neighbor needing coffee for his party. Of course, she feels that instant spark, that connection that sharing a cup of coffee with a total stranger brings about. And because she is a bit unhinged, she can’t handle it when he doesn’t feel the same.

It was one moment, a chance encounter, and you’ve seen Fatal Attraction, so you know where this leads.

Mookie Does The Right Thing

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We’re back in Brooklyn, where Sha-day is Sadie, Joie is Joy, and copies of School Daze are plentiful. Spike Lee owns “Spike’s Joint,” where he offers advice, offers up free copies of his movie, and fends off Damon Wayans.

Look for the Rosie Perez (the Fly Girls choreographer) in a cameo.

Star Trek

The Enterprise crew had not one, but two, adventures in the In Living Color movie parody world!

First up, that time Louis Farra-khan boarded the Enterprise…

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Secondly, the journey that happened long past retirement…

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So, it was a retirement home escape act after all?

Why wasn’t this movie actually made?!

There’s No Silencing These Lambs!

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Clarice is back, and she’s hunting “The Gibberish Killer.” Her only hope? Oswald Bates, whose rather interesting grasp on the English language is both fascinating and terrifying.

Movie Parodies We’d Like To See!

I’m probably scratching the surface (especially since I’ve discussed this two other times), but if there was one thing this show knew how to do, it was add their established characters into their parodies of movies.

Wouldn’t you love to see one of these movies?

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Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like These “In Living Color” Sketches Parodying Muhammad Ali

Home Alone…With Michael Jackson?!



Home Alone…With Michael Jackson?!

What do you get when you cross the plot of a then-popular movie, Michael Jackson, and In Living Color? You get a movie parody, of course!

And not just a movie parody, but the sequel we all would have wanted!

A Little Backstory…

The thought of writing about this crossed my mind several weeks ago, when I was watching another In Living Color sketch featuring Jim Carrey as Don Rickles (which I wrote about for my blog), but I had another Great Idea to write about first.

Why Not a Movie Parody Special?

In Living Color did a great (but hard to find) episode of their music videos, they had a live Super Bowl show, and contributed many hilarious parodies, all on top of their regular lineup of characters. Why they didn’t include a movie parody compilation among their accomplishments is beyond me, but what they interspersed throughout the series is indeed worthy of notice.

I remember seeing this one parody of Home Alone involving Michael Jackson trying to “play” with Macaulay Culkin. The sketch came up at a time when allegations came to light that he was having “sleepovers” with young kids, including Macaulay Culkin. Now, we always knew MJ was a bit odd, but there was a time before his infamous trial that we were hearing about this. That time was 1991, and Home Alone Again was the sketch that made light of the allegations.

“Macaulay, Can I Come In and Play?”

Macaulay Culkin (as played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas) finds himself home alone, but he’s got someone who wants to change that…

Michael Jackson!

Oh noes! A Michael Jackson impersonator is trying to woo Randy from Home Improvement!

And he is persistent in his attempts – the parents aren’t home, he’s got naked pictures of his sister (I think this was a reference to Latoya Jackson), they can play with his monkey, and some rather risque as well as sly humor that In Living Color was famous for.

But Not Macaulay is also persistent in keeping MJ out – there’s a Webster reference, a hot door handle, and a blowtorch to the head.

As well as a reference to the Pepsi commercial. Because that happened a few years earlier, and In Living Color wasn’t around to make fun of it then.

Dated references, people. It’s funny!

“Come on, Macaulay!”

MJ finally succeeds in “coming in to play,” but decides that perhaps they can play at his house – there’s the Elephant Man, naps in the oxygen chamber…

“I wanna see you Moonwalk.”

Insert closeup of Not Macaulay doing the famous Kevin McCallister scream, and you’ve got yourself a movie parody!

And you can see for youself why topical newstories make great In Living Color parodies by clicking play!

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For some reason, Tommy Davidson declaring “I wanna see you Moonwalk!” is as funny now as it was in 1991.


They’re Fly (Girls)… And They’ve Got the Moves!

I had this crazy ambitious dream that I, Allison Venezio, had what it took to be a Fly Girl.

Childhood is awesome for building up such lofty ambition, wasn’t it?

We all had dreams and ambitions, folks. Mine was to dance in a bra and jeans with Jennifer Lopez on the same stage, and it not be deemed weird.

Fly Child

No lie, when I was eight years old, I wanted to be a Fly Girl. And not just a “fly girl,” but an actual Fly Girl, as in the dancers who performed at the beginning and before commercial breaks on In Living Color. In reality, my talent early 1990s dance life pretty much proved that would never have happened. As the many videos on You Tube have shown me (not to mention the actual watching of the show), those girls have more talent in their pinky toenail than I had in my uncoordinated, awkward child body in the 1990s.

Me in 1991 (age 8 1/2), not being so fly.

As an adult taking Hip Hop for six-and-a-half years, all that awkwardness was extinct, and I really did get my “dream” to be the Fly Girl I wanted to be. And then I busted my ankle and took up writing about nostalgia. I now live the dream doing something I didn’t realize I loved until I had the opportunity to really work on it. At night. And before work. And during my lunchbreak.

I have a day job, folks. The writing thing, like the dance thing, is not that day job. And I’m kinda depressed for even admitting any of this.

Anyway, childhood ambition, I knew it well. And I did get to live it for a little bit.

Those Girls Are Fly!

Every decade had its dance troupe of sorts. Whether it was the teenagers on American Bandstand, the Golddiggers on The Dean Martin Show, Goldie Hawn in a bikini on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, The Solid Gold dancers, or anyone who got in the Soul Train line, there were plenty of shows that spotlighted people hoofin’ it up to trendy music. There is a perfectly good cable access show on some obscure local network that offers this kind of entertainment, except the dancers look like Soul Train grandparents. I have no clue what it is called, or even if it is still on. All I know is that I saw it while clicking through channels one night. I may have watched it.

Again, tangents…

The Fly Girls were the dance group that introduced episodes and danced before commercials during the entire five-season run of In Living Color. The dancers were a diverse group of younger women, all clad in costuming of early 90s glory. I mentioned bras as tanks with jeans, right? Oh, they wore them. The girls also got involved in sketches, usually as extras or as part of gags.

Their moves came at a time when Hip Hop (as a dance form) was not mainstream like it is today, and the dancers themselves were classically-trained and technical dancers.

Could’ve fooled me.

The Girls (And Choreographers Who Make Them Fly!)

The girls were choreographed during the first four seasons by Rosie Perez (who herself had danced the Soul Train line in her dance life. Perhaps you’ve seen her in action?

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In the fifth and final season, choreography was done by Arthur Rainer, with Lisa Joann Thompson (herself a Fly Girl during seasons four and five) and Diedre Lang (a veteran of all five seasons) as Assistant Choreographers.

While most of the faces may not be familiar to you, you obviously know Jennifer Lopez, and if you watch a little show called Dancing with the Stars, you’ve seen Carrie Ann Inaba.

Inaba (far left), with Deidre Lang (a veteran of all incarnations of the Fly Girls) on the right.

And if you’re a MSTie, or have just seen Hobgoblins, Cari French was not only of the original Fly Girls, but she did this in Hobgoblins.

From this move every little kid did in their dance recital to introducing Keenan Ivory Wayans. I wonder what ever happened to Cari…

…and I just looked up Hobgoblins. The spelling of the first name is different. PLEASE tell me this is the same person! This HAS to be her!

Seeing Them Fly!

I hunted around for some “fly” videos of the girls in action, and You Tube, it turns out, does not disappoint.

If you really want to see how amazing the Girls are, this unbelievable 20-minute video pretty much sums it all up.

Kudos to You Tube User Jim Leonard for this unbelievable editing job!!!

After watching this video (and logging all these hours of Very Important Research), I’d like to think that I finally did live my dream of being a Fly Girl, even if that opportunity came many years after the actual Fly Girls were a part of pop culture history.


The Fly Girls were of a time when Hip Hop dance was not mainstream, and we have Rosie Perez to thank for bringing this style of dance to the forefront.  in 2017, kids love taking Hip Hop classes in dance school, and the studio I went to offers master classes and workshops.  My former dance instructor, Sam Chisholm, has his own Hip Hop group, L3gacy, and the videos…just wow. I am truly lucky to not only have a group of dancers I just happened to love watching growing up, but also to have an instructor who helped me “live my dream” for seven years.

Me in 2011, in what I believe is my best “Fly Girl” costume. :-)

Lofty ambitions…I lived them well.

Jim Carrey Nails Alan Thicke in This “In Living Color” Sketch

Because I’m so great at paying proper tribute, and instead focus on parodies:

Prince…For Butt Out Jeans!

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like These “In Living Color” Sketches Parodying Muhammad Ali

If there is a place in hell reserved for people who believe their tributes are well-intentioned, but are actually videos of the recently deceased being parodied on 1990s sketch comedy shows…oh heck, I’ve already reserved my spot there.

Let’s just keep right on going! At this rate, I’ve got nothing to lose.

I found out this morning (the morning that I’m writing this) that Alan Thicke passed away on December 13, 2016. For those of us who grew up in the late 1980s and early 1990s, he was the father of the Seaver family on the sitcom Growing Pains. If you’re like me, you watched it. And if you were a teenage girl in the mid-1980s, you probably watched for Kirk Cameron. I was quite young, and my heart already was reserved for Jason Bateman.

Again, if you have ever met me (or grew up during that time), you understand what I’m talking about.

You may or may not know this, but Alan Thicke had a talk show at one time, called Thicke of the Night. It was syndicated by MGM Television and Metromedia (which means it probably aired on what are now Fox stations). It aired from 1983-1984, was 90 minutes (shortened to 60 minutes), and was meant to capitalize on his successful daytime talk show, The Alan Thicke Show. That show enjoyed a much more successful run on Canadian television from 1976 until 1980.

But one thing really bothers me about the show’s swift cancellation…how the theme song didn’t propel it to unbelievable heights?

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You can thank Thicke AND David Foster (yes, THAT David Foster) for co-composing this song. And if you need further proof that anything Foster composes can sound epic, you probably should read this post I wrote. (Yes, I wrote all of those posts. I also wrote this one).

And then his late night talk show happened. It was supposed to be a rival to The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (no one seemed to know when to not try to rival The Tonight Show back in the day, did they?), but it flopped. We don’t weep for him, because we know everything turned out fine in the end, and he became the White Cliff Huxtable.

What? You can’t tell me you haven’t drawn that comparison at least once!

Flash forward six years after Thicke of the Night’s cancellation. The year was 1990.

There was a new-ish network, approximately three years old. It had shows that have become pop culture icons today, but in 1990, they were considered edgy and sometimes controversial. The network itself couldn’t even hold a candle to the “Big Three.” Times have changed, but in 1990, it was a whole other network chaste system.

One show from Fox’s early days was the variety show In Living Color, which strived to break down cultural walls and be the primetime version of Saturday Night Live. For a few years, it was pretty good. But then that last season happened, and yeah, it was pretty bad.

In 1990, Jim Carrey was a star on the rise. He was a standout talent whose ability to impersonate not only through voice, but through facial expressions and gestures, made him a force to be reckoned with, if you liked his humor. Not everyone did.

Another way he stood out? He was the only white male on In Living Color, which meant he also had to be able to impersonate famous white male celebrities.

One of those impressions was Alan Thicke.

I knew I hadn’t seen any kind of Alan Thicke impersonation on Saturday Night Live before, but I knew I had seen this take on Thicke guest-hosting The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, where Joan Embry brings on one of the rare and exotic species she always specialized in. And wow, Carrey nails his Thicke impression, right down the right perfectly-coiffed wig and voice. Maybe it was that whole Canadian thing, I have no idea.

In this sketch, from the show’s first season, “Joan Embry” brings on the “rare” “Homeboy Sapien Africanas” (forgive me for sounding really white!). I could say more, but you really should see it to believe it.

Uploaded by Ezra Bufford

And after seeing Tommy Davidson wrap (and “Alan Thicke” dance), I’m convinced he probably did this AND invented #whitepeopledancing.

And then Kenny Loggins fans took it a step further.

With all seriousness, rest in peace, Alan Thicke, and thank you for the laughs and being one of those TV dads ’80s babies can remember fondly.

Also remembered fondly?

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