Fleischer Styled Superman Art By Des Taylor!

While Superman is not my favorite superhero I’ve always been a huge fan of the Fleischer Studios Superman shorts from back in the 1940s. A local station that I could pick up on my little black and white television in my youth used to run a few of the shorts in between Saturday Morning cartoons.

Now take a look at this fantastic artwork by Des Taylor from his DesPop Blog!

I love how it looks almost like a screen capture from one of the animated shorts. Check out this awesome Rocketeer illustration that he did as well!

Des: “A special commission for a Rocketeer fan that bought my Vesha Valentine book this year.
Had some great comments at San Diego comicon with this piece.”

Take time to follow that link up top to the DesPop blog and prepare to be amazed!

Beautiful Victorian Celestial Illustrations

The Voyager missions started sending back amazing photos of our solar system right about the time I was old enough to understand what they were. Previously, cameras had given us somewhat grainy views of our neighbors in space, so it’s hard to imagine a time when most of what everyone saw of the heavens (in any detail) were left up to an artist’s interpretations. Some stunning examples of this can be seen in this collection of chromo-lithographs that depict planets, comets, the moon and sun.

All are based on astronomical observations, and the results are stunning. It’s pretty amazing how detailed and accurate many of them are, given that we now have hi-res photos of many of the same subjects to compare them to.I’d love to have a framed set of these.

View the whole set at LiveScience.com.