Music Helplines: Nostalgic Music Is Just A Phone Call Away!

Current life situation got you down? Feel that you’re out of touch? Do you feel it callin’ in the air tonight? Longing for old days? Don’t think twice that it’s alright, Sweet Caroline! Pick up the phone and call one of five (yes, five!) music helplines to soothe that current life situation!

Where Does She Find This Stuff?

Why, the internet! You use it for your needs, I’ll use it for mine…and my nefarious, entertaining, and strange purposes.

You call it weird, I call it research!

Seriously Though, Music Helplines?

Yes, Music Helplines! And in 2011, it became a thing, beginning with these two guys makin’ all your dreams come true!

The concept is simple: dial a number, get a robot voice that prompts you to dial an option (1, 2, 3, or 4, or, in the case of the Hall and Oates line, 5, 6, 7, and 8), and listen to the song each prompt corresponds with. Because there’s a time where you don’t have a device with music on it (I never have this problem), and you absolutely NEED Phil Collins to remind you she’s an easy lover, Neil Diamond to sing about Sweet Caroline, Hall and Oates to give you some Adult Education, Bob Dylan To Be Your Baby Tonight, or Chicago to remind you of a certain Saturday in a certain park.

So naturally, there is only one course of action here, because writing it out doesn’t do it justice, right?

Allison’s Callin’ Oates (And Those Other Music Helplines!)

Well, I tried to call, and well…all the “helplines” except for Callin’ Oates are disconnected. I was so excited, I shot a video of the experience of dialing a phone number and getting a music fix. Instead, I got a bunch of Verizon Wireless error messages.  Totally not cool.

However, as I said, Callin’ Oates still works!

The playlist in the video is the original 2011 playlist. An updated version in 2012 gave Hall and Oates fans (did they have a grouping name?) eight new songs, as well as spin-offs for Phil Collins, Chicago, Bob Dylan, and Neil Diamond. As I said, these additions to the “music helpline” family of “emergency music contribution” no longer exist, but the original Callin’ Oates does.

Go on and click play for a short demonstration!

Upload via Allison Venezio / Allison’s Written Words

If internet searches as forces of evil include the need for Hall and Oates, then fine, I’m “evil.” :-)

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Pamela Voorhees

Saturday Frights: Pamela Voorhees Is Doin’ It The Best She Can

Pamela Voorhees. The name should conjure up images of a distraught but loving Mother. In addition to a grisly drive for punishment against Camp Crystal Lake as well as its counselors. And while I certainly admit that she perhaps crossed the line, I must say there is part of me that feels sorry for Pamela.
Pamela Voorhees

Of course I should add that I also feared the likes of Pamela Voorhees. Which is certainly one of the reasons I avoided heading to summer camp. Ever. Not to mention worries of the types of wildlife one might bump into while attending camp. Like snakes…and eels.

By all means I was a strange and lonely child. Having said all of that however it is a fact that Pamela Voorhees is an icon of horror. You don’t have to just take my word for it however. I’m willing to bet that friend to The Retroist and myself, the talented Travis Falligant would back up my statement. I would direct you to take a look at his Halloween coloring contest page featuring none other than Pamela from 2016.

Pamela Voorhees - Travis Falligant

Image courtesy of IBTrav.

It was Travis in fact that was kind enough to share this humorous video the other day. Combining the theme song from the 1988 hit TV show Just the Ten of Us with the…antics…of Mrs. Voorhees. Perhaps an alternate world’s intro to a different Friday the 13th television show?

I would warn that if you’ve not seen 1980’s Friday the 13th for yourself. Everything in the video below is a SPOILER!

[Via] Just the Ten of Us

A big thanks once again to Travis for the heads up on this video.

Read: Check out some of Travis’ work we’ve featured on the site!

Now that you’ve seen what a Pamela Voorhees sitcom might look like. How about checking out this commercial for the series premier of Just the Ten of Us?

I bet you Saturday Frights fans might find this interesting. Three of the daughters from Just the Ten of Us made appearances in the Nightmare on Elm Street film series!

[Via] TV Repeater

Where's Barb

Have You Ordered Your Copy Of Stranger Things “Where’s Barb”?

Most fans of Netflix’s Stranger Things would naturally agree that Millie Bobby Brown was the breakout star. Her performance as Eleven certainly blew us fans away and that is fact. In addition however I will claim that Shannon Purser’s role of Barb is Stranger Things most memorable character.
Where's Barb

I would say that in addition to a great character, it was Purser’s bittersweet performance, that has garnered such fans. So much so that I am quite excited to announce that those geniuses at ThinkGeek have released a new book. Patterned after the global phenomenon of Where’s Waldo line of object-finding puzzle books. Where’s Barb? gives us a Stranger Thing’s twist!

Where's Barb

Where’s Barb? images courtesy of ThinkGeek.

Here is what ThinkGeek has to say about Where’s Barb?:
“The 1980s hold a lot of great childhood memories for us. It was a time when phones were still tethered to our wood-paneled walls. A time of Choose Your Own Adventure books. Of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Of Cabbage Patch Kids and Trivial Pursuit. And in the late 80s, we were introduced to a phenomenon known as “Where’s Waldo?”

It seems only right that a series which so effectively evoked the atmosphere of the 80s, Netflix’s Stranger Things, would team up with the creators of Where’s Waldo to produce this crossover, Where’s Barb? Search the little town of Hawkins for Barbara Holland. Maybe she’s studying with Nancy. Wait. Why’s her car a couple of blocks from Steve’s house? The police are pretty sure she just ran away. But is that her Trapper Keeper peeking out from under that bush? We promise searching for Barb will be hours of fun for the whole family!

I direct you to any of the ThinkGeek links if you too feel like ordering a copy of Where’s Barb?

Of course you crafty folks already know this is but an April Fool’s Day joke. However, this is ThinkGeek, so you can in fact hop on over and vote for it to become a real product. Not only that but also you might want to check out the Bicycle Horn of Gondor first…of course you can vote for both! In other words, share this with your friends so we can get Where’s Barb? actually made!

Homemade Shot For Shot Evil Dead 2 Trailer!

I missed it when Evil Dead 2 was released in theaters back in 1987. To be honest the same was true of the 1981 original. Although when you get down to it…Evil Dead 2 is really more of a remake than a sequel.

I wouldn’t become captivated by Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell’s ‘cabin in the woods’ horror series until it hit VHS. Evil Dead 2 was actually one of the first five videos I ever rented. So I actually saw the reboot/sequel before the original film.

[Via] Shudder

When I am in the mood for horror I generally put in that first movie. But you can’t deny the sheer grooviness and fun of Evil Dead 2 – not to mention the increased gore. Having said that I do believe that the second film is better made. Raimi’s incredible camera work is even more unrestrained in the second go around.

I also want to point out Campbell’s performance. His character of Ashley “Ash” J. Williams is still a bit of a coward, that much is quite evident throughout. Evil Dead 2 though is notable for being where we see the seeds of the swaggering buffoon – the only man who can put an end to the Deadites, being planted.

John Green

Now Cinefix has delivered a homemade Evil Dead 2 trailer.

I should add that it is shot for shot remake of the original trailer! How faithful is it? Why not watch it for yourself and learn the answer?


Now that you’ve been wowed by how well they did with the homemade trailer why not check out the side by side comparison?


I want to give a big old thanks to fellow Retroist writer, Daniel XIII, for the heads up on that sweet fanmade trailer!