80s VHS Movies

Every time I walk through a thrift store I always check out the movie section — not just the DVDs, but also the VHS tapes. The funny thing is, I haven’t watched a VHS tape in years (except to dub them over to DVDs). I don’t know why I even look at them because I never buy them. I guess I just enjoy the artwork and the boxes. Here are a couple I ran across during my last thrift store outing.

They call him Howard … THE Duck! Despite years of poor reviews, I enjoyed (and enjoy) this movie. My kids enjoy it, too.

I was so excited to find this one that I almost bought it! If it doesn’t sound familiar, this movie was also known as “Naked Space” and “The Creature Wasn’t Nice.” If it still doesn’t sound familiar, check out this post I wrote last year which includes the hit song from the movie, I Want To Eat Your Face.

Do you still own or buy VHS tapes? Respond here and let us know!

Man-Thing Interview!

Well, many of you have seen how much I love this particular character of Marvel Comics with some of my past posts. It is with great pride that I announce we have Man-Thing here today for an exclusive interview! First of all, Man-Thing…thank you very much for taking time from your duties on the Thunderbolts to agree to this interview.


Ahem. Well let me hit you with a tough question right out of the gate. What did you think of the film adaptation about you from Brett Leonard back in 2005?


Okay…moving on. I’ve heard you make a digital cameo in the Marvel vs Capcom 3 fighting game for the Xbox 360 and PS3, how did that come about? You have an agent or something people can contact? Do people have to get in touch with your fellow Thunderbolt member, Satana Hellstrom by chance?


Wow. This is tough. Guess I just have to ask the right questions? Howard the Duck has been called a friend of yours, what do you two normally get up to on a Saturday night?


Holy Crow, I left Broadway for this? Okay. Last question. Who do you think would win in a fight between you and Swamp Thing?


Yep. Saw that coming. Well, thanks for stopping by and I want to thank our own very talented Sean Hartter for the wonderful illustration of the Man-Thing you see at the top of this post. I’m afraid we are out of time…wait…stop…I don’t mean I actually fear…NO!!!!!!