Make Your Own VHS Spiral Bound Notebook

Was browsing instructables when I came across instructions for making a cover for spiral notebooks out of old VHS covers. According to the author:

I, like many people, have a good number of old VHS tapes laying around. Some of the movies I now have on DVD, others I no longer care to keep and whatever falls between I can digitize should I wish. This makes the collection of VHS tapes about as useful to me as a collection of rocks. So, I decided to make custom, one-of-a-kind, spiral-bound notebooks.

You cannot argue with the results:

Make Your Own VHS Spiral Bound Notebook [@] instructables

Make Your Own “Vintage” Wi-Fi Internet Radio


The great minds who make instructable a great site have captured my fancy yet again. This time they have modded a high tech internet radio unit and put it into a classic vintage radio case. This is not a cheap mod to build. This one runs around $400 to complete, but the instructions are clear and well illustrated, and the end result is amazing. If I can find a good price on an Internet/Satellite radio, I am all over this.

How to Build a Vintage Wi-Fi Internet Radio via instructables

How to Make a Giant Atari Joystick Lamp


How-to website instructables has wowed me again with a great step by step build of a Giant Atari Joystick lamp. The lamp, built by seamster, would be the perfect accessory for the your retro game room and can be completed in 15 steps. The joystick looks fairly complicated to put together, but just to be able to push that giant red button and have the lamp turned on would make it worth the effort. And remember that the lampshade on this bad boy could be completely customizable. I would suggest that you use Activision’s greatest hits with my favorite, River Raid, featured prominently.

Make a Giant Atari Joystick Lamp via instructables