Hostess Comic Book Ads

I’m still on my quest to read through the entire 1980s run of The Amazing Spider-Man. In the early 80s issues, I found several Hostess ads. These are my favorite type of comic ads as they are comics in themselves. I do mourn since Hostess cakes are now no more. But I still have to delight in these ads as well because I realize now that they not only made me drool for Hostess, but they also shaped my view of life (as so much of the early 80s media did). I really thought that I would someday foil a robber by dropping a pack of Twinkies in his hand. I know now that I am more likely to be the robber who is so foiled. But even if that somehow happened, I think I’d be happy.







Hostess Snack Cakes Mean Caring


I am a lifelong devotee of the Hostess Snack Cake and I can remember when this ad ran. Why I remember has nothing to do with loving the cakes. Instead, even as a kid, I thought the cake that they made that matched the interior of the cupcake seemed a little forced. Who makes cakes like that? I have been on this planet for a while now and I have NEVER seen a cake with a ring of cream in it AND I eat a lot of cake.

The Adventures of Happy Ho Ho

This Hostess gem from the Waffle Whiffer might be the very first appearance of Happy Ho Ho, the Ho Ho mascot. I loved when foods have little comics on them. I would read them all at the store and if I ever persuaded my Mom to buy one, I would read it every time I got to have that food. Happy Ho Ho got his start in 1970 and never in the history of food has their been a happier dancing chocolate cake.

Classic Hostess Ding Dongs Ad

Here is another classic ad from the Waffle Wiffer. This one looks to be the introductory ad for Hostess Ding Dongs, one of my favorite treats as a kid. I loved the combo of chocolate and cream almost as much as I loved Twinkies and boy did I love Twinkies. Notice in this ad, the Ding Dong is still wrapped in foil. I miss those days of un-pealing them. It is odd how old packaging can even trigger nostalgia.

* I could eat all 12

Fruit and Creme Strawberry Twinkies

Back in the day I would buy Hostess products anytime I had money to get them at our local corner market. I would try all their products and was especially excited when they introduced a new product called Fruit and Creme Strawberry Twinkies. They were so good creme and this almost jelly like strawberry together in the trust twinkie shell. Sadly just as quickly as they came, they disappeared and I never expected to see them again.

Then last summer I was in a supermarket near my house when I spotted something I had not expected to ever see again, Strawberry and Creme Twinkies (they also had Ho-Hos)! I bought up a box and could not wait to get out to the car to have one. I bit into it and it just was not the same. These were, as the box said, strawberry creme, not strawberry AND creme. It was okay, but it just didn’t capture the magic of my youth. So I will continue to wait, hoping that this tasty and unusual variations on the Twinkie will one day rear its delicious head again.

Why is it always creme and not cream. Is the a culinary thing or does creme just sound classier?