Bigfoot Family Rescue! A New Atari 2600 Game?!

How many times can you say there is a new Atari 2600 game waiting for you to play? That involves a Bigfoot Family Rescue? I’m pretty certain that there are not a lot of you that can claim this. I will have to admit I would be in the exact same boat until last evening. When my best friend, Shea Mathis, plopped down the Bigfoot Family Rescue he purchased for the arcade!
Bigfoot Family Rescue

Or is it Bigfoot Family Search? No, the manual in fact clearly states the name of the game is Bigfoot Family Rescue. Perhaps this Atari 2600 homebrew cart was inspired by the legendary In Search Of… TV series? Case in point the episode of In Search Of…Bigfoot that Tom Berges shared a couple of years ago!

My silliness notwithstanding, Bigfoot Family Rescue was the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016. Programmed by Jason Santuci of Gemintronic based on an concept by Bobby Alexander. The Kickstarter was only attempting to raise $800 but ended up securing $2,398 in pledges.

What is the story for Bigfoot Family Rescue?

Well, Bigfoot and his Family are under threat from the Witch of the South. It seems the love of these particular forest inhabitants angers her to no end. So she abducts Bigfoot’s Family while he is sleeping. Our poor Bigfoot must now go forth and search the forest – smashing question mark shaped rocks to find useful items and his kin.

Those symbols you see that I’ve collected – from the left to the right are two extra health, Bigfoot’s Daughter and Wife, as well as a pile of rocks. Which can in fact be thrown at the enemies that come charging at you.

In addition to the attacks from the Witch of the South which include harnessing the Northern Lights to assault Bigfoot, she can warp you to parts of the forest that are frozen. Costing you precious time, the red bar in the bottom right corner of the screen.

After breaking open the correct rocks, Bigfoot will find his Family and must quickly attempt to bring them to the safety of their cave in the North. This is done by literally touching symbols found throughout the forest – represented by the letter N. Having said that however you still must keep moving through the forest to find those markers that will take you to safety.

At the arcade we really had to read the manual a couple of times to put everything together. While the symbols were easily explained in the opening page of the manual. The instructions for playing the game are hidden in the story itself!

For this reason I am pretty certain that Shea is going to keep this new Atari 2600 cartridge in the office. Instead of having it out in the 2600 cart circulation on the arcade floor. Which is okay by me – it just means I can play it after we close.

Now that we have seen what Bigfoot Family Rescue is all about. How about you take a moment and watch this Halo Atari 2600 homebrew video?

Fan-Made Twin Peaks Atari Game

It’s officially creepy time, and things don’t get much creepier than David Lynch’s surreal murder mystery from 1990. Outside of the cliffhanger ending, the true Twin Peaks fan had two questions:

  1. Why wasn’t there a Twin Peaks video game?
  2. Why wasn’t there a Twin Peaks Atari 2600 game? (How would a TP game have come out on a system that was defunct well before it aired? Only the log knows…)

Well, ask no more, Laura Palmer groupies. Jak Locke has created Twin Peaks: Escape From the Black Lodge. In it, you guide Agent Dale Cooper through the titular otherworld, complete with creepy dwarves and acres of red drapes. The game looks a lot like the (shudder) Indiana Jones 2600 game, and is apparently quite challenging. It is also said to pack some Easter eggs.

It can be downloaded here. And remember, the owls are not what they seem.

Need some 8-BIT X-Mas fun? Jolly Joyriding for the NES

Got a special NES fan in your life? Why not surprise them with a brand new NES game under the only X-mas tree. Not only does this customizable game look fun, the cart is a treat all by itself.

So….Gather up three of your best (or preferably worst) friends for the newest game by RetroZone, Jolly Joyriding!!!, a four-player drunken bumper car present throwing fest!

While everyone is drunk on egg nog, trip out to the colorful blinky lights that surround the edge of the cart! Top loader recommended to see the pretty colors, but front loader looks cool too. When you score a point, the cart changes to your player color! Much more than a reproduction, this original game cartridge is built using all new parts. No donor carts were harmed in the making of this game.

8 BIT XMAS 2010 [@] RetroZone