“One Magic Christmas” in my basement (movie review)

There’s a Disney holiday film that many find disturbing. It’s called One Magic Christmas and stars Mary Steenburgen and Harry Dean Stanton. In this video, Robie Juinor (1980s robot from Radio Shack) and I discuss this film. There are plenty of spoilers, heck, I basically tell the whole story of the movie in just under ten minutes. I try to explain why I like the film. There’s some silly stuff in the video outside of the fact that I’m having a conversation with a toy robot…

[Via] Justin Salvato

Peanuts Deluxe Holiday Collection

peanuts deluxe

Very few things on TV bring me as much holiday joy as watching Charlie Brown and Snoopy. Since it is so important to me, it is one of those few areas that I try and make sure I have the best quality copy of the show I can get my hands on. That is why I was very happy to see that WB released a holiday themed pack of the 3 Peanuts holiday classics that everyone must own and watch every year. They had been released separately before, but it seemed like a natural fit to pick them up as a package for myself and the friends and family that I know do not have them yet.

Included in this set are high grade HD copies of …

– It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
– A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
– A Charlie Brown Christmas

… and they all look and sound great. I would be pretty happy with just that, but they also have bonus content that includes:

– “It’s Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown”
– “The Mayflower Voyagers”
– “It’s Magic, Charlie Brown”
– Backstory Featurettes

This is one of those BR/DVD combo packs, so if you happen to know someone who had a DVD player currently who plans to go BR in the future, this is a great set to pick up. So order your copy today.

1970’s CBS Special Intro

Even though the entire introduction takes just six seconds…there was something magical about seeing it come on the screen when I was a kid. Watching a holiday special was great enough, and this little intro just made it that much better! Sadly, children nowadays have nothing like this to look forward to since networks don’t advertise shows as ‘special’ anymore. And if they did, the family probably has it DVR’d, and it would be fast-forwarded through anyway :(