Justice League of America Intro (1967)

I can say in all honesty that I’ve somehow missed EVER seeing this 1967 Filmation animated intro, or if I have for some reason it’s been locked away securely in the memory banks somewhere just gathering dust.

This intro of the Justice League was for the popular Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure that aired on CBS, you might notice the narrator sounds familiar…that is because it’s the late and great actor, Ted Knight (Mary Tyler Moore, Caddyshack).

The series also starred Bud Collyer, who voiced the roles of Clark Kent and Superman for radio! A year later new Superman and Superboy segments would be added to the Batman/Superman Hour.

Thanks to Hewey1972 for uploading the Justice League of America intro over on YouTube!

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends On Netflix Instant!

You might imagine my double take when I was browsing my animated options last evening on Netflix and discovered that the classic 1981 NBC Marvel series was available, all 24 episodes!

I had always thought that Firestar was a real Marvel Comic character but it turns out that she was created for the series, to be a replacement for the Human Torch (Which Spidey teamed up with in the comics from time to time) when he became unavailable. In the production notes for the show it has been revealed that she might have been called Heatwave, Starblaze, or Firefly. In 1985 she did get her comic appearance in Uncanny X-Men #193, as a member of the Hellions (Rivals of Xavier’s New Mutants), eventually leaving that team by defeating Emma Frost and becoming a hero.

So if you have Netflix Instant make sure to take the time today to visit some old animated friends…because do you remember the episode where Dracula wanted to make Firestar one of his Brides?

Thanks to Hewey1972 for uploading that intro to the series on YouTube!