“Jim Henson’s The Storyteller” – “Behind the Scenes”

A big thanks to Museum of the Moving Image for that great photo from Jim Henson’s Storyteller up top. The Henson Company channel over on you YouTube has posted a small behind the scenes video on the background for the TV series! With today being what would have been Jim Henson’s 75th Birthday…and to be honest the Storyteller is one of my favorite of the Henson projects, it just seemed a great time to post this.

Google Doodle Honors Jim Henson On His 75th Birthday!

Make sure to take the time this morning and check out what Google has done, they’ve created an interactive “Google” display that allows you become a Puppeteer.

The Henson Company has uploaded a special YouTube video about it as well.

You can pretty much prepare for today’s posts to be Muppet and Jim Henson related, at least those from me. Thanks to PCMag.Com by the way for that shot of the Google “Muppets” up top.