Helen Hunt Jumps out a Window in Desperate Lives

Desperate Lives was a 1982 made-for-TV film about drug use in a high school. The film has a very strong anti-drug message and was very popular with my After School Special obsessed older sister. I have no idea how many times it was broadcast, but it would be a safe guess to say that we watched it every time it was on.

I remember it not for its strong anti-drug message (and its strong), nor for its Rick Springfield theme song. No, I remember it for the reason everyone remembers it, for the scene in which Helen Hunt (well her stunt woman) jumps out a window after a drug freakout.

Wait for it at the end of this trailer. It is worth the wait.


Drug Induced Window Karate Kick!

Trailer Tuesday: Trancers (1985)

Oh we have a B-Movie classic trailer for your viewing pleasure today, none of than Charles Band’s directed Sci-Fi masterpiece, Trancers. Starring the incredible character actor, Tim Thomerson as Jack Deth and a very young Helen Hunt as Leena. This movie beget five direct to video sequels, Trancers II, Trancers III, Trancers 4: Jack of Swords, Trancers 5: Sudden Deth, and finally Trancers 6.

Trancers was popular enough in the 90’s to have a three-issue limited series by Eternity Comics as well a set of collectible cards, these cards were sent to the video stores that ordered so many copies of the new Full Moon Entertainment movies. I was working at the video store at the time of Trancers II release, and yes all of the Full Moon films were low budget but for the most part they were also highly entertaining. It kind of filled the niche that the Sci-Fi (I’m sorry I can’t call it Sy-Fy) channel does now.