Enjoy The Body Electric – A Rare 1985 Animated TV Movie Featuring A Soundtrack By Rush!

Just a few days ago one of my best friends happened to send me an e-mail asking if I had ever heard of a made for TV movie entitled The Body Electric. I had not and then he was kind enough to send me the link to it on YouTube thanks to the upload by Metzinger Was Right.

The Body Electric 2

It is pretty incredible. Not only does it have a soundtrack by Rush but when it was originally broadcast it was simulcast in stereo on FM radio, which I can actually just barely remember a local radio station doing the same thing for popular CBS programs in my youth.

Atkinson Film-Arts is the animation studio behind this 1985 TV movie and though sadly it shut down in 1989 it left behind a nice legacy of animated features such as 1978’s The Little Brown Burro, 1979’s The New Misadventures of Ichabod Crane, The various Raccoon films from 1980 until 1986, 1983’s The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings and 1984’s The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine to name a few. They also handled the animation for The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin, Dennis the Menace and COPS TV series. They also worked on the 1981 Heavy Metal segments Harry Canyon and B-17, which is why this TV movie has such a Heavy Metal vibe to it!

The Body Electric 3

The story for The Body Electric is about the humans of Red Sector A being forced to leave the city by a robot uprising but that was rather short sighted on the robot overlords part as everything begins to decay and fall into ruin including the a shield generator that is about to reach meltdown…which is a bad thing for the two young humans who are exploring the city.

Can Woody and Andrea make it past the robots alive? Will they be able to escape the city before the meltdown? What made the robots take up arms in the first place? Find out for yourselves when you watch The Body Electric!

Head Out Of The Ashes and Into The NIGHT!


Hey creeps! As you may be aware, there is nothin’ that sets my lil’ black heart a-flutter more than a good ol’ fright flick…but, there is a close second for my arcane admiration, and that dear fiends is the diabolical decibels of heavy metal, especially deafening ditties from the glory days of the 1980’s!

But, that’s not to say there isn’t any worthy metal to keep the fires burning in these here modern times; no ghouls there are many a band these days that echo the classic sound of their denim clad forefathers, and one such band that really holds the retro-metal flag high is Sweden’s own NIGHT! Here, check out the latest video from the band entitled Out of the Ashes, and tell me it doesn’t slap a ten mile grin across your puss as it get’s your cute lil’ head a-bangin’!

Wasn’t that just tha Bee(lzebub)’s Knees? Ya, you know it was! So, now that you’ve had a taste of NIGHT’s supersonic serenadin’, want to learn a bit more about this blisterin’ band? Well, yer in luck buddy, ‘cuz recently I had the opportunity to ask guitar god Midnight Proppen himself a few quick questions!

First of all, let me say a word of thanks to you on behalf of metal maniacs everywhere for keepin’ the classic metal sound alive! Speakin’ of classics, what bands influenced your sound?

Midnight Proppen: Thank you! Ah, our influences are many, but I would say that our biggest influences are bands like Saxon and Judas Priest, good ol’ heavy metal, so to speak!

You went on tour with one of my fav bands recently; the uber-theatrical (and equally classic rock influenced albeit in a more comic-booky satanic vein) Ghost B.C.. How did the crowd embrace your sound?

MP: The tour was fantastic! Although we went on a little bit too early most nights, the crowd really treated us well! I think that our music lies fairly near Ghost’s in one sense, so the crowd was almost with us from the get-go every night!

So, you crazy cats got a new album percolatin’. What do you have in store for your faithful fanatics?

MP: Well, if you liked the album that’s out now, your gonna love this one! Its really everything that the last album wasn’t; so you are in for a real treat!

Your video for “OUT OF THE ASHES” is freakin’ killer! It features not only comic book visuals, but plenty o’ laughs! What made you guys concoct a cocktail equal parts hard rockin’ and hilarious?

MP: Haha, well I for one think that most music-videos today are somewhat boring, anyone can film themselves doing playback to a song. Our way of doing it for the last few videos takes a little bit more planning and time to do, but I think it shows in the result! And also we love the music videos from the 80s, which had a lot of humor in them, and that goes well with ourselves as well.

So, are you guys comin’ to the good ol’ U.S. of A. any time soon?

MP: No plans as of yet, but you never know what the future holds! We sure would love to come to the US and play some rock!

Any final message for our rockin’ readers?

MP: Be sure to check out our Facebook and our shop to satisfy your NIGHT needs! Other than that, keep the spirit of rock n’ roll alive!

Thanks Midnight! Now, let’s all raise our fists and hail the mighty NIGHT and rock n’ roll!

White Wizzard Casts Metal Fury…Roll For Your Hearing Damage!

Hey ghouls, hearing of the untimely passing of legendary Dungeons and Dragons artist David A. Trampier set the ol’ Ouija Board Kids mind racing back to headier days when I would traverse strange lands with a group of caffeine fueled cohorts! And as we rolled those dice and battled gruesome foes, are ears were assaulted by an aural attack of some of the finest heavy metal bands to ever stride the Earth upon denim and leather covered legs.


Now sadly my D&D days seem to be a thing of the past, but my love of metal continues unabated, as I’m always on the look out for music that brings to mind those glorious days of gaming past. To that end I offer you one of my personal favorites that keeps the spirit of 80’s metal alive, the hard rockin’ White Wizzard!

Lost Masters Of The Universe TV Commercial (1981)

Well, with the Retroist’s awesome He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Podcast today I thought this possible first commercial for the toy line with it’s Heavy Metal inspired animation would hit the spot.

[Via] Mike Black Funny’s YouTube Channel

Here is some info from the uploader: “I’ve been looking for this commercial for three decades. To the best of my knowledge this was the very first He-Man and The Masters of the Universe Toy Commercial ever, it only aired once in the United States and the animation predates the Filmation cartoon series (though it might have been done by Filmation as well).

Snippets of this have been found in French MOTU ads but this is the original ad showing the animation sequence in it’s entirety. This was taken from the Mattel Booth at San Diego Comic Con, I do not claim any copyrights or anything of that nature and have uploaded for nostalgia and historical significance. Sorry about the sound quality, the best I could get with 30,000 Comic Con Attendees in the Exhibit Hall. This was my first experience with Masters of the Universe and it hooked me for life. Hopefully, Mattel will post a cleaner/better audio version soon but enjoy it for now.”