DEVO Hawaiian Punch

1987 Hawaiian Punch Commercial with Music by Mark Mothersbaugh (DEVO)

What if I told you that a DEVO Hawaiian Punch commercial existed? Well in a way it does. Maybe not all of DEVO, but certainly its creative soul, Mark Mothersbaugh. This computer animated commercial for Hawaiian Punch came out in 1987. This is the uncommon full 90 second version.

The music in the commercial is by Mark Mothersbaugh (DEVO). The animation is strange, computerish and delightful. With its mechanical dissonance and feeling of strained, but controlled chaos it captures the feel of DEVO. Not just their music, but also their often subversive visuals. Later in his career he admitted to embedding the subliminal message, “Sugar is bad for you.”

I love Hawaiian Punch. Especially the advertising that involved their mascot, Punchy. His hate and attitude just spoke to my younger self. However, this DEVO Hawaiian Punch gives Punchy a run for his money. Sadly they didn’t make more advertising like this. Instead as eighties advertising came to end, I would like to say this was the highwater mark for that decade’s Hawaiian Punch advertising. It is a wonderful late eighties time capsule and reminds me of “Stomp”. Maybe they were inspired by DEVO and Hawaiian Punch?

Want to know what a DEVO Hawaiian Punch would look and sound like?


Punchy’s Hawaiian Animatronic Punch Band at Sea World

If you happened into Sea World in the 1970s/1980s and wandered past the Walrus pool on your way to the skyride and happened to take a left instead of a right, you would find yourself in the magical Hawaiian Punch Village. There Punchy reigned and not only served up delicious Hawaiian Punch, but he had and animatronic band to entertain and sooth your frazzled nerves. I was turned onto the band from this photo post by the Waffle Whiffer that shows the attraction along with the mascot Punchy that wandered the park.

For all pics, click on them to see the original (which are often much larger)

I quickly went around trying to find video footage of the band in action, but found nothing, but I did find some more amazing photos and scans. Like these ones by Michael Poulin that show the band in color and also a 1970s ad for the Village.

old Sea World and Hawaiian Punch ad from the 70's

And I was floored by these posts by Dan Goodsell who has some shots of the Village, but also of the menu of “exotic” drinks and snacks.

Hawaiian Punch Village

Hawaiian Punch Village

I would really love to hear and see this in action. Does anyone have any memories of this one in San Diego or the one in Orlando? Or more importantly does anyone have any footage they are willing to share? I went to Sea World in Florida in the 1980s and I have looked through my photos from the time and found nothing related to this magical place. Perhaps it had closed by then?

Hey, how about a nice Hawaiian Punch?

I am a lifelong fan of Hawaiian Punch. Punchy will always be a friend of mine. Yet, I go through long stretches where I will not buy the stuff. After all their are lots of delicious beverages out there. I need to spread the love around. Recently I got back on the red stuff, which has started me looking at retro Punchy ads and commercials. I remember when this commercial ran, I would walk around the house singing the tune, asking my long suffering family if they wanted a Punch.

Old School Dad Teaches his 9 Year Old about Centipede

Atari Centipede Glass

Atari Centipede Glass

I took a trip to Target because of a post this week about the Pitfall t-shirt and the Atari retro glasses. After work, I purchased the glasses but could not bring myself to take them into the house with no fanfare. They are made of very sturdy glass and quite durable. At first, I was just going to bring them in the house but I did not do that. You see, I hid them in the trunk of my car for a special occasion. Good grades, good chores, I figured these were quality retro items and they were not to be taken lightly. So, in the trunk they sat until today.

This evening while I was sitting at the computer, my daughter said “Dad, will you get me a glass of Hawaiian punch?” “Sure…” I said, and asked, “was that a question?” She answered “Well, it’s really a question and a command. Kind of both”. As I opened the cupboard, I yearned for a glass that wasn’t plain or normal. Something with a movie theme or logo on it. Alas, there was nothing there. I then remembered the glasses in the trunk.

So I struck a deal. Hey, you’re thirsty right? Well, it is almost time for bed. I will make you a deal. You go take a shower and by the time you get out I will have a huge cold class of (do you want ice with that?) Hawaiian punch sitting here in a huge videogame glass. ‘How about that? “But I am thirsty now” – “Yeah, but really this is a good trade. You get ready for bed, and then Ill bring out a cool videogame glass full of Hawaiian punch”. It finally worked.

Quick as I could, I got the centipede glass from the trunk, filled it with liquid Fruit Juicy Red – then the ice – (it is over 100 degrees outside), I didn’t want the glass to crack. I put it on the corner of the counter and went back to the PC. A few minutes later I heard footsteps behind me.

“Slurp….. Thanks for this dad….. What is centipede?”

At first, I hesitate, and think to myself. Is she serious? Then realize to my dismay – she is serious.

“Centipede? Why it is a game where you do this and that, and it has a track-ball. (3 min rant)”

“I don’t understand what you are talking about”


“Hang on, I’ll show you what it looks like. I mean, I am your dad, I will not let you down.”

Here is how it went.
1) youtube search “centipede” (real centipede videos)
2) youtube search “centipede retro” (VG centipede videos)

“Hey watch this…. (bleep a de bleep-a-ping, bloopadie, bloopadie bloop.)”

“Can’t I just play it?”

Ummmm. Not really. Hey, how about this, (Dad fires up lynx emulator, downloads centipede rom and discovers it has no sound).

“Well, really it was fun. Trust me. Compared to today, you might not think it was all that great, but back then, on a scale of 1 to 10 it was about a 9. Today, I would think you would rate it at about 3 or 4. But really, it was a fun game at the time!”