The Hawaii Five-O theme, with lyrics!

I’ve listened to the theme to the Hawaii Five-O TV show a lot today and it sparked a memory that I’d once heard the theme with lyrics. As it happens, I was half right. Whilst the show used only the instrumental theme recorded by The Ventures, there were several versions of the song that added lyrics.

It is the recording by Sammy Davis Jr., entitled “You Can Count on Me (Hawaii Five-0 Theme)” that I can remember and it keeps the driving rhythm of the main theme.

After a quick search on Youtube, I found a version of the song by Hawaiian singer Don Ho that is my new personal favourite. “You Can Come with Me” starts quickly but slows to a nice ballad and is a fine departure from the original.

Ultimately, the original theme will always be the best option, a fact cemented by its use in the remake.

Are Hawaii Five-O and Magnum P.I. in the same universe?

Hawaii Five-O and Magnum PI

Growing up I watched a lot of Hawaii Five-O and I watched a lot of Magnum P.I. Yet, despite them both being Hawaii-based shows, it didn’t once occur to me that the shows might operate within the same universe.

Imagine my surprise when I spotted something that stated that they obviously were. Obviously? Digging deeper, I found the Poobala website and a page detailing just how close the shows were. In a late episode called Skin Deep, Magnum contacts a helicopter tower and, pretending to be from the police, utters “Billy, this is McGarrett of Five-Oh. Is David Norman armed?”.

So, either this was Magnum pretending to be a fictional character from a TV show (!), or in the Magnum universe, there was an officer called McGarrett working for the Five-O. Apparently Magnum referred to the Five-O often throughout the series so it is plausible that the shows were meant to co-exist? After all, Magnum also crossed over into the world of Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote too!

And what of the Hawaii Five-O remake? Well, the video above is a nice little nod to it’s history with Magnum, don’t you think?